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By Bob Sandidge


Coletha Bisch | As Read in The Navigator

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Posted December 4, 2006

On Friday night I took one of the residents, where I work, to the Martina McBride Joys of Christmas concert. It was great, she had Don Mattingly and Dean Martin as guests, yes, and I said Dean Martin. You had to be there to believe it. If I was you, I would definitely put her show as one of the things to see next year. It is really worth the time and money. 


  6th; Darla Wilson, Ashli Potter, Malec Jerome Caudell.

  7th; Nicholas Combs, JoEllen Seil, Margaret McCormick, Sharon Benedict, Sunshine Willett, Trey Evans.

  8th; Shannondoah Eileen Reed, John Lundmark, Miranda Jo Dismang, Kenny Hartsock, Bill Jones.

  9th; Steve Kendrick, Brandon Seigert, Gene Smith, Bernice Carter, Tricia Cunningham, Kristi Teague.

10th; Murlin McGarvey, Meghan McKechnie, Treg Hortin, Phillip Grimm, Trey Hanisch, Anna Bunting.

11th;Clara Pritchett, Laura Potter, Beth Hartsock, Jordan McGarvey.

12th; Greg Mosbarger, Carl Isabell, Verle Baker.

Astrology for JoEllen Seil on December 7th; your flexibility will come in very handy today, when different opportunities arrive.

Before your loved ones file a missing persons report, let them know you're still here -- you just need some time to yourself. Now is the moment to tackle a few weighty matters before they get even bigger. 

Astrology for Bill Jones on December 8th; if you are traveling today, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is.

One or two needier types may willfully ignore your 'Do Not Disturb' sign and keep pestering you for some attention. Tell them firmly that now is not the time for their shenanigans. You have business to take care of.

Astrology for Brandon Seigert on December 9th; Good luck is cyclical. Your luck will be changing today.

Your current situation is stellar, thanks to your efforts and those of your lucky stars. Work is on the upswing, your pockets are full and your relationship is blooming (or a prospect is heating up). Bask in the glow.

Your good luck is holding out, but don't try to profit too much from it. If you're not just enjoying the ride, but trying to game it too, you'll find weird consequences start to pile up.

Sheer crazy luck is going to help you figure out what to do about your current situation, so keep your eyes open for serendipity. Things will get much better if you follow up on your impulses.

More than most signs, yours understand that all that glorious mess, chaos and diversity are precisely what makes love and life so great. Someone else is right on your same wavelength today. Enjoy your understanding



Grayville NEWS 9/25/06!

Norm and I made a trip to Kentucky via Shawneetown on Saturday. The rain was terrible. If I had of known it was going to rain like that I’d have stayed at home. On Sunday we made a trip to Wal-Mart. Ran into Bobby Rahmoeller and a couple of other Grayvilleites.

You all may remember last week I made mention of that homeless guy (Max) who hangs out at Huck’s, it was meant as a joke. Well, Karen, one of the workers there took it a little farther. She put out a cup for donations with Homeless Max wrote on it, never thinking anyone would take it seriously. She said they collected close to $40.00.Max did us proud, he used to money towards getting the yellow cat that also hangs out at Hucks neutered. So people your money was used for a good cause and it was real nice of Max to make up the difference. I don’t care what people say about you, Max, you’re a pretty good fellow.

Birthdays; September

27th; Lisa Baker Carter, Dale Carter, Kelsey Rahmoeller, Pat Hensley, Hannah Winebarger.

28th; Marguerite Bond, Rodney Miller, William H.Haller, Justin Jedediah Luecke.

29th; Sharon Broster Walden, David Keifer.

30th; Gary Bisch, Debbie Judge, Coleen Klienschmidt.

October 1st; Reed Alan Wilson, Marcus Tooley, Robert Kraetsch, Adriana Duvall.

2nd;Larry Butler, Gary Butler, Minnie Mosberger, Kenneth Potter, Amelia Siegert, Rachel Seigert, Glenn Rhinehart.

Astrology for Pat Hensley on September 27th; if you have been looking for a time when things got easier,
that day is here!

Combine your two favorite things: friends and art. Make some impromptu plans with friends you haven't seen in a while
-- hit a museum, sculpture garden or gallery crawl. It'll refresh you in all the ways you require.

Astrology for Sharon Broster Walden on September 29th; combine your two favorite things: friends and art.
Make some impromptu plans with friends you haven't seen in a while -- hit a museum,
sculpture garden or gallery crawl. It'll refresh you in all the ways you require.



Astrology for Larry and Gary Butler on October 2nd; Stay focused on the important things in life ... if it's not fun, it's not right.

Put your money where your mouth is. Events are ready to roll your way, but you have to push your intentions and actions in the right direction to put everything in motion. Decide how and where you want to go.



I owe Brian and Lori Campbell an apology. I had put Lori’s name as Lisa. Please forgive me.

 An omission from Tom and Doris Crutchfield’s Easter celebrations. To quote Grandma Doris,” I missed a very important guest for dinner, my granddaughter, Amy, and her parents, Steve and Donna Proctor. Sorry, Amy.I still love you all, Grandma Doris” unquote. 

The former Mary Ann Nixon, from Arizona, was here for a short visit last week. She said her Mother Maureen was in a nursing home out there. If anyone knows her address, I sure would like to have it.

Haley spent some time with me this weekend. We walked down to Tim and Sue Dutko’s for a short visit on Sunday.

Bill and Wanda Terrell were treated to a 50th anniversary dinner at Windsor Oaks on Friday night by their son, Billy, wife, Debbie and daughter, Wendi Gail. Hope they have many more.

Birthdays: April - May
26thMary Lundmark, Walter Nelson, Anita Hawkins.
27th;Jeff Michaels, Anita Sullivan, Steve Lingafelter.
28th;Marshall Schroeder.
29th;Marilyn Kuykendall, Melody Sweeney, Shelby Lyn Perry, Michaella Cunningham, Martha Dorris, Catherine Barber.
1st; Britney Bailey, Pauline Leavens, Rachel May, Joyce Bertram, Coletha”Deanne”Bisch.
2nd; Kim Chiarello, Heather Harris.

Astrology for Anita Hawkins on April 26th; cut the extras in your life, splurging could be dangerous. Maintain life’s balance, pushing your limits can only hurt you. Regain your sense of equilibrium, for mind, body, and soul, you’ll get more done.

Astrology for Pauline Leavens on May 1st; accept the way things are instead of the way you want them to be. Do it yourself, it is cheaper in the long run. How to books are good or consult a local expert.

Betty Coe was picked up at the New Harmony healthcare Center and brought home to Grayville                                                     where she was honored with a card shower at the Senior Citizens on Saturday. There was a great turnout for her and I heard she was very pleased. You can send Betty a card or go to visit at; Betty Coe, room 205, New Harmony healthcare Center, New Harmony, Indiana, 47631

         Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Chuck and Terri Garman of rural Crossville had their annual Easter egg hunt with family and friends attending. Talon Garman, Misty, Kase, Carsyn, and Kiki Robinson, Norma and Ed Grimes, Jeff, Diana, and Reese Compton Mike, Darla, and Jacelyn Wilson all of Grayville, Jacelyn’s fiancé, Matt, of Carbondale. John, Sherry, Macy,and Branten Stockton, of Crossville.Sam, Crystal and Haley Joe Garman and Weston Carter, of Carmi,

Ruth Bare had as her guests for Easter, sons, Greg, Travis, Shane, Troy and Rick Bare. Rick carried a plate home to his wife, Debbie, who was unable to attend.

Debbie Bare is recovering from knee replacement surgery .Her surgery was on April 11th, and she was able to return home on April 14th, but still has trouble getting around. I hear Rick has to do a lot of fetching and carrying. Hurry and get well, Debbie, wouldn’t want Rick to get wore out.

Mark and Donna hosted a cookout and Easter Egg hunt at their home for family and friends. Guests were Angie, Danny, and Dylan Kuykendall, Brian and Lisa Campbell, Shad, Stacy, Zack and Katie Walters, Bill Grimm. Crystal Grimm, Renee, Jason, Allison, and Olivia Knight, Amanda, Daniel, Kassidi, Brooklyn, and Cage Metcalf, Michelle and Doug Duncan, Eugene and Courtney Conner, Brice and Keegan Conner, Mike Campbell, Kevin, Ronja,and Blake Campbell, Marilyn and Ron Kuykendall, Brian and Kara Gill, Bud Campbell, Emily Knight, Aaron Huddle, and Sandy and Don Long.

Talking of the Campbell’s, a double elimination pool tournament was held at Chappy’s on Saturday afternoon. Winner was Jack Blood. That bushy eye browed guy from Griffin never showed.

Saturday weekend guests of Tom and Doris Crutchfield were Ben Cook and Joyce Hungate of Rockport, Indiana, Mason and Dalton Hungate of Flora. Easter Sunday guests were Ben and Joyce, Tamara, Megan, and John Monroe of Corydon, Indiana, Donetta and Dustin Hungate, Michelle Andrini and son, of Grayville. An Easter Egg hunt was held for the smaller children and a fish fry was enjoyed.

A1st Birthday party for Angel Marie Owen was held at the home of her grandparents, Laverne and Ida Baxter, in Albion. Family and friends were abundant. Among the guests were Angel’s parents, Bobby and Anna, Jerry and Lena Owen, Anna and Chuck Baxter, Troy Baxter, Naomi Cummings, Vanessa Garman, Deanne Bisch, Angie and Hannah Bromagin, Ronnie, Dakota, and Nate Owen, Chasity Russell and friend Travis, Hattie Williams, Linda and Don Kinsey, Michelle, Joshua, Alexis and Andy Piller, Tammy and Jim Pringle, Talissa and Chris, Harold Baxter, Jackie, Ariel, and Gaby Gillard, Erica, Rebecca, and Rachel, Erica and Isaiah Williams, Gifts were opened and cake and ice cream were served.

Joyce York, Greenwood, Indiana was here over the weekend visiting with daughters Tiffany and Amber and her parents, Jerry and Lena Owen.

Tim and Sue Dutko spent the weekend in the Chicago area visiting family and friends

Bob and Linda Perry had their children and grandchildren for a fried chicken dinner and Easter egg hunt on Sunday. April 19th; Barbara Henson, Marcella Sweeney, Nathan Brands.

20th; Jim Orr, Chris Schmittler, Joseph Milligan, Wyatt Hatcher, Jill Evans, David King.

21st; Kennedy Legler III, Charles Stefl, Charlette Morrison.22nd; David Broster, jake Carter.

Birthdays; April 19th; Barbara Henson, Marcella Sweeney, Nathan Brands.

20th; Jim Orr, Chris Schmittler, Joseph Milligan, Wyatt Hatcher, Jill Evans, David King.

21st; Kennedy Legler III, Charles Stefl, Charlette Morrison.

22nd; David Broster, Jake Carter

23rd; Jocelyn Walsh, Justin Johnson, Thomas Haller, Justin Hicks.

24th;Erica Ann Garner, Lester Ray(Chuck) Garman,Jr.,Jordan Scott Caudell, Beverly Nichols, Carolyn Andrini.25th;Tom Johnson, Tracy Parker, Tony Hickenbottom.

Astrology for David Broster on April 22nd; something is holding you back; you will get those answers today. You are unsure about the present and confused about the future. Think of the past, it will help you reach an important conclusion.

Astrology for Tom Johnson on April 25th; focus on the good in people around you. Trust your instincts. The stars say to hibernate for awhile. Let people come to you instead of you going to them.


I was saddened to hear of the passing of Lucy Hosman. She left us early Monday morning. I can honestly say, Lucy was the mainstay of the Hosman clan, always there for her family and for her friends. She will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Buddy would like to send a special thank you to Maggie Kijonka for seeing that he was returned to his family.

Eddie and Lori Linder attended the Dinner Theatre production of Country, USA. in Albion. It was especially nice, as their niece, Robin Sue Mitchell had a part in it. Some more news on Lori, she suffered a fall on 25th and broke her ankle. Hope it doesn’t give her too much pain.

Sasha, send me your e-mail address.

I had a nice three day weekend, no work, no phone calls, really enjoyed it. Did some yard work on Saturday, what a nice day. And then Sunday and Monday came around. Cold wind.

The Tim Dutko’s and Keith Hawkin’s were just some who suffered home damage during Sundays wind storms.

On e of the guys from the Carmi home, Stan McCarty and staff member, Tad Ash got to meet the Van Zandt brothers on Saturday night. They were at the Gretchen Wilson concert and had to visit the facilities and lo and behold the Van Zandts were there also. What are the chances of that occurring? Sure made Stan’s night.

Birthdays; April
5th;Mitchell Schoenheit, Ty Christopher Schmittler.
6th;Sherrie Ward, Tim barden, Jay Hanisch, Jailyn Bunting.
7th;Dennis Glover, Brynn Hickenbottom, April Baxter.
8th;Mike Sweeney, Joe Mitchell.9th;DeAndra Martin.
10th;Woodrow Ford, Devin Ray Nesler, Norman Bisch
11th;Gracie Wilson, Evelyn Marriott, Cassie Larsen.

Astrology for Sherrie Ward on April 6th; bring about a true change today. Your voice can make a real difference. Your personal ambitions are really juiced up today and you have unstoppable career goals. You’ll see great results in some outside creative projects.

Astrology for Gracie Wilson on April 11th; flesh out details today. Have every detail covered. Don’t worry, you haven’t toiled in vain-your fantastic work and professional efforts will be recognized and rewarded. That perk is yours for the asking.

First Christian Church Homemakers Sunday School class had their March "Let's Eat Out' at the West Salem Cafe.  After enjoying  the delicious food, "Happy Birthday" was sang to the class teacher Helen Baker.  Mary Lou Gubbins presented Helen with a beautiful handmade throw from the class.  The members of the class that enjoyed the outing were Helen Baker, Shirley Bunting, Evelyn Wells, Blanche Wells, Emma Orr, Wilma Orr, Jane Hoffman, Minnie Mosbarger, Marg Amos, Carolyn Bunting and Mary Lou Gubbin of Grand Rivers, Kentucky .

Brad Cunningham was life lifted to a hospital last Wednesday after suffering a second stroke in a week’s time. I had spoke to his wife, Janet, just a few hours before and she said he was doing well and was at Mt Carmel hospital for a therapy session, just a couple of hours later, he was flown to Evansville. I’m sure we all wish him a speedy recovery and all our good wishes.

Colby and Marci (Tupper) Riggs have moved to Belmont. I am going to miss them. Good neighbors are hard to find. Good news is Colby was elected mayor of Belmont, looks like Marci is the first lady of Belmont.
Saturday, I was in Princeton to see The Shaggy Dog at the theatre. Martha Duvall and I took the residents from where I work. They really enjoyed it.

Last Tuesday a banquet was held at Brewskys in Mt.Carmel for the winter pool tournament put on by Williams Amusement. Chappy’s 1and Chappy’s 2 came in 2nd and 4th respectively. Trophies, patches and pins were presented for various accomplishments. Pizza was furnished by Brewskys and cupcakes were furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blood.

A special happy Birthday to Tom Crutchfield on April 1st from his daughter, Tammy Houser, in North Carolina.

Birthdays March - April
29th;Edna Faye Davis, Harold Lentz, Leon Talley, Naomi Cummings, Tyler jay Borden.
30th;Tony Goldman, Steve Webb.31st;Whitney Powers, Kali Raymond, Kim Dozier, Melvin Duncan.
April 1st; Sue Cates, Jay Willett, Phyllis Hillard, Janelle Perrott, Tom Crutchfield.
2nd;Matthew Link, Carol McGarvey.
3rd;Marie Taylor, Phil Keepes, Russell Tennyson, Celeste Scarlett.
4th;Ted L. Fisk, Jonathan Patrick carter, Haley Elizabeth Barden, David Spruell, Rick Knight.

Astrology for Naomi Cummings and Edna Faye Davis on March 29th; show the softer side of your personality; don’t let your ambition overwhelm you. Go in a different direction to fulfill your destiny. Your keen sense of integrity and values demand it, it will be worth it.

Astrology for Phil Keepes on April 3rd; don’t let obstacles distract your focus today. Friends and lovers rely on you because of your faithfulness. Take a chance and trust someone else instead of doing it all yourself.


Posted 3/20/06

The Wabash Valley Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. held a broomstick pool tournament at Chappy’s on Saturday night. A 50/50 drawing was held and won by Dexter Daniels. All proceeds were collected and donated to the Brownsville School. ABATE is well known for their contributions to many worthy causes. Not all Harley riders are Gang members.

     Tim Alcorn was a visitor in Anna on Saturday. No; he didn’t go to the hospital there. It was Moose Lodge business.

Tim and Sue Dutko traveled to the Chicago area this last weekend to visit family and friends. Their son, Chris and his fiancée were here a couple of weeks ago for a short visit.

Sunday Vanessa and I went to Carmi for Haley Joe's 2nd birthday. She had lots of guests. Her other Grandpa and Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins, and of course her brother, Weston and Mom and Dad. She had numerous gifts but her favorite was eight pairs of play shoes, little high heels and ballerina shoes. She should have plenty for awhile. Her Aunt Terri and Uncle Chuck Garman furnished her a Tigger cake.

Vanessa and I also stopped by the Carmi House to visit for a few minutes, since I finally got to go back to Mt.Carmel to work on Monday. I stopped in at TO-GO’s on Monday morning to say Hi to grandson; Joey. He works the midnight shift there.

Birthdays; March 2006

22nd;Nettie Edwards, Katie Tolen.
23rd;Carolyn J.Taylor, Kim Hunter Westmorland, Debbie Henshaw.
24th;Linda Sweeney, Phyllis Kuykendall, Stephanie Hatcher, Logan spruell.
25th;Diana Michels Compton, Charles Albert Powell, Tony Knight.
26th;Brent Leavens, Gwen Bradshaw Tooley, Janet Payne.
27th;John B. Ward.

Astrology for Diana Compton and Tony Knight on March 25th;put positive visions in your mind today, a better reality can make it so. Optimistic, independent types can guide you as you seek your destiny. Don’t imitate, just let them be a model while you find your footing.

Astrology for Gwen Bradshaw Tooley on March 26th; you will travel towards an enriching experience today. Don’t be unkind to others or yourself, exercise that large sense of compassion. Don’t judge others, it could be dangerous.


Lucy Hosman was taken back to the hospital on the 27th, where she under went further surgery. She returned the following Monday and is doing well. I bet she would enjoy a few cards or letters to let her know we are thinking of her.

J.J. Luecke spent the weekend in Mt.Carmel with his brother, Joey and friends. Haley Joe came on Saturday and spent some time. We went to the thrift shop where she found a pair of shoes she wanted. That girl really has a thing about shoes.
Happy 16th Birthday to Jessica ward on the 10th.Lord have mercy another teenager driving. I hear mark Campbell has a birthday on the 10th, too. Hope it’s a good one. I traveled to Evansville on Monday and Mt. Vernon, Illinois on Tuesday taking our residents to doctor appointments. Eventually I may learn my way around Evansville.

Birthdays; March
 9th;Steve Doty, Kate Keepes, Michael Judge, Winnifred Kuykendall, Ty Sheriff.
10th;Mark Campbell, Mike Alcorn, David Wells, Leah Michele Wilson, Jessica Ward, Jean Rich.
11th;Sydney Klienschmidt, Edith Everett.
13th;Sue Ann Powell, Chester Seigert, Jack Blood, Alex Kijonka.
14th;Genevieve Burkingstock, Mark Sweeney, Tess M. Davis, Natalie Powers.

Astrology for Kate Keepes on March 9th; you’re in a bit of a dilemma now. Maybe you should listen to that loved one who has been there, done that, instead of thinking you know better. Think about it, Circumvent drama and keep smiling.

Astrology for Jessica Ward on March10th; Keep the peace, you would rather be cooperative than cause a stir. But do stand your ground, it won’t matter just this once don’t worry, just be yourself. And focus on being productive.


 For all friends of Jennifer Fisher Bryant, Jennifer delivered a baby girl, Haylie Elaine, on February 23th.Baby Haylie is in the hospital in St. Louis and will probably be there for another four weeks. Jennifer is staying with her and would really like to hear from her friends. Her address is, Attn. Jennifer Bryant, Ronald McDonald House, 4381 West Pine, St. Louis, Mo.63801.Lets let Jennifer know we are thinking of her.

Wednesday February 22, the ladies of the Homebuilders Sunday School Class carried dishes of home made food into the dining room at First Christian Church for their monthly "Let's Eat" get together. This time the husbands were invited to join them. Those that enjoyed the good food and company were Barbara Shepherd, Blanche Wells, Minnie and Bob Mosbarger, Wilma and Carrol Orr, Emma and Jim Orr, Shirley and Richard Bunting, Helen Baker, Jane Hoffman and Carolyn Bunting. Church secretary Ruth Schmidt joined them for the meal, and a good time was had by all.

Brian Campbell, son of Mark Campbell left this week for Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Mary Ann Leeds enjoyed lunch at the Carmi Dairy Queen on Thursday with friends.

Tim and Becki Alcorn were in Mattoon and Springfield this past weekend on Moose business.

Joey Luecke and Girlfriend, Bobbi, MT. Carmel was here this weekend to visit family and friends.

Birthdays ;March
1st;Don Garrison, Joseph Garrison, John Rahmoeller, Dale Schmittler, Kathi Isabell, Whitney Beck.
2nd;Shannon Henson, Marla Maurer, John A.Bohach, Chris Parker.
3rd;Larry Garbo, Joshua Harris, Kase Robinson.
4th;Doris Wheeler, Sue Eagleson, Austin Finch, Cameron Finch, Andy Williams.
5th;Joe Harris, Alice Ronk.6th;Henry Davis, Scott Merkle.
7th;Marc Neeley,Mark Powers, Wilma Graddy.

Astrology for John A. Bohach on March 2nd; move forward, that haze of indecision you’ve been under is now a clear and bright future. Use it or lose it. Time to start a regular regimen of diet and exercise. Your willpower will be strong.

Astrology for Henry Davis on March 6th; Shifts in the world will keep you on your toes today.
Call up some family and friends today. Think about those relationships that really matter. Trips down memory lane will help you maintain regular connections.

My condolences go out to the family of Mary Hagadorn in their time of bereavement. She will be missed by all of Grayville.
The Alcorn family was called to Centralia this week by the death of a family member.

My granddaughter, Haley Joe, came on Saturday for a visit. She grows more every time I see her.

Sunday night, Steve Feldman, Kevin Lawson, Mt.Carmel, and I went to Evansville to the Toby Keith Concert. It was even better than last year. We all had a great time. I stopped at the Fast break convience store in Mt.Carmel on my way home for a quick visit with my grandson Joey. He works the midnight shift there besides going to college.

The Chappy’s 2 billiards team traveled to Carmi Tuesday night for their weekly pool tournament. I joined them after work to watch awhile.

Birthdays; February
22nd;Betty Leonard, Nathaniel Dale Schmittler, Brandie Knight, Curt Davis, Morgan Rhinehart, Donna Buchanan.
24th;Kayci Merriwether, Danny Kuykendall, Hazel Lamont, Lenard Sturm, David Hammell, Emily Rose Hartsock, Ed Goodwin.
25th;Kaydee Alene Funkhouser, Teresa Mitchell, Richard Schutz, Scott Oathout.
26th;Ashley Carr, Shawna Irvine.
27th;Fred Leavens, Dustin Hawkins.
28th;Samatha Combs, Elizabeth Jane Green, Linda Points, Keith Howell.
29th;Mart Handel, Charlene Camp Turpin.

Astrology for Danny Kuykendall for February 24th; Friends in high places will help your career. Make overs aren’t just for looks alone, some soul searching can bring about a much needed change in you. You can make these changes with great ease.
Astrology for Shawna Irvine on February 26th; some setbacks you had were not due to a lack of intelligence. Listen to the universe, there is a specific destiny for you-a place only you can fill. Have faith and the climb will be made.

Lucy Hosman returned home from the hospital on Sunday. She is doing well and in good spirits. Lucy had major surgery a few weeks ago, but feels that with physical therapy and a motorized wheelchair it won’t be long before she is out and about again.

    Debbie Lyons, rural Fairfield, came to visit me this last week. She is one of my old Champion workmates. We had a nice visit.
Contrary to what some people heard, Bill Jones is still alive and kicking. His daughter, Susie, told me on Monday there was a rumor that he had died, not so. His health is a little shaky but he’s still out there telling tall tales. Just kidding, Bill.Hurry and get well, we all miss you.
    The Carmi House residents really enjoyed the Elvis impersonator on Friday night. He even invited our Elvis Fan to get up and sing with him. If you’d care to check him out go to

    A Baby shower was held for Joanna Crackel Conner on Saturday, February11, at the First Christian Church. Out of town guests were Marla and Melissa Moody, Kay Tate, Becky Conner, and Grandmother, Mrs.Ferris Crackel of Albion, Jennifer, Lily,and Keely Gardner, Evansville, In.Tina Sale, Carrie Fluty, Marcia Walker, And Marly, Alana, and Lee Moutry ,Crossville .Those sending gifts were ary and Ashley Lingafelterr, Carolyn Bunting, Amanda trusty, Emma Orr, Pat Seifried, Phyllis Giagnoni, and Judy Henry and daughters. Grayville guests were Joanna Conner, Keith and Mary Crackel, Nickie Ashlyn Hayley Conner, Salien Theirauf, Justin Sexton, Ashley, Jennifer, and Peyton Dunn, Cindy Judge, Denise Schroeder, Glenda Brand, Sue Tice, Marcy and Brycen Lee, Linda Points, Linda Hill, Sharon Benedict, and Jamie Fryman.

    Dallas White and Norman Bisch were in Evansville on Business Monday morning. Next Sunday the 19th, I will be taking two of the Mt.Carmel residents, Steve Feldman and Kevin Lawson, to the Toby Keith concert. Steve and I went last year and it was a great show. My job really does have some good perks. We are already planning on the Country Music Festival at Nashville in June.

Birthdays: February 16th;Anne Maurer Burns, Becky Groff, Majorie Ward, Michael Brands, Kent Lewis, Jerry Owen, Dan Eyer.17th;Marionette Blood, Jo Ann Leathers, Cole Neeley, Raelynn Duvall.
18th;Kara Gill, Nesse Kraetsch.19th;Betty Link, Joe Miller, David Link, Dennis Bredenkamp, Jennifer Gross, Agnas Rutter.20th;Arlene Talley, David Garrison, Jamie Kiefer.
21st;Sherry Gross.

Astrology for Becky Groff on February 16th; Someone’s personal issues may affect your life soon, distance yourself now. Have free rein on your daydreams now and your closest ones may come true. The stars emphasize wide open horizons and possibilities, go for it.

Astrology for Kara Gill on February 18th; share deep feeling with a dejected friend. You don’t want to be in the way of the rampage of the powers that be. Don’t be pushed into the role of diplomat, Lie low now.
Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    Rita Hosman and family have spent the better part of the last two weeks in Evansville staying with their Mother, Lucy Hosman, who has underwent major surgery. Lucy is doing her best for recovery. Lucy, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I got to go spend some time on Saturday at Mt.Carmel, working. The last few weeks I have had to work in the Carmi home and I really miss my guys in Mt.Carmel. Friday night, both homes are going to see the Elvis impersonator in Mt.Carmel. One of the Carmi residents, Stan McCarty is also an Elvis impersonator, so he is very excited about the show.

Birthdays; February
8th;Joey Johnson, Marty McCall, Tom Aldredge.
9th;Andy Henson, Jake Keepes, Jeanette Taylor.
10th;Mitchell Malone, Brad Parker, Askyla Cavanaugh.
11th;Natalie Jae Broster.
12th;Drew DiMaggio, Valetta Butler, Lester Garman,Sr.
13th;Sue Kinsall, Deanna Sweeney,G.Treadway, Nolan Way, Jake Nichols, Robert”Doc”Clancy.
14th;Jack Rahmoeller.

Astrology for Jake Keepes on February 9th; life, tho not easy is precious, cherish your experiences and be strong. With all your potential, are you doing everything to fulfill your destiny? Get some insight into the how and why you behave. Get answers.

Astrology for Jack Rahmoeller on February 14th; you’ll be feeling more grounded soon. Try to surf those emotional waves. You can get some clarity that is so bright it will shed light into all the dark corners of your life now. Seek the truth.

Posted 2/2/06

    Thursday January 26, Grayville's First Christian Church's Homebuilders Sunday School class invited the the Thursday Morning Bible Study Class and a couple of friend to join them for lunch in Evansville at the Black Buggy restaurant.  Enjoying the delicious food and fellowship were Helen Baker, Emma Orr, Minnie Mosbarger, Pat Tice, Jane Hoffman, Shirley Bunting, Carolyn Bunting, Jane Kleinschmidt, Marilyn Kuykendall, Pat Seifred, Winefred Kuykendall and Barbara Higginson.  After the dinner some went sight seeing and others went to the mall to walk off lunch.  A good time was had by all.

    If you have a few hours to spare next Tuesday night, Chappy’s 1 is playing Chappy’s 2 at 7 P.M.It should be a good game as both teams has some exceptional players. If you get there from p.m. to 8p.m., Donna always has some fine eats going, too.

.Birthdays; February
1st;Evan Sweeney.
2nd;Kiersten Robinson, Travis Brown, Jase Kiefer.
3rd;Dennis Henson.
4th;William Dee Risinger, Steve Sneed, Meigan Edwards, Eaton Lingafelter, Teresa Sutton, Bill Henshaw.
5th;Mike Henson, Luanne Ward, George Bulla.
6th;Tami Gubbins Ferrell, Kris Robinson, Samuel Leon Garman.
7th;Danny A. Points, Misti Link, Vicki Stull.

Astrology for Tami Ferrell Gubbins on February 6th; a hot affair could get you off track, keep it cool for awhile. You could have a passionate relationship; make the most of your advantages.

Astrology for Danny A. Points on February 7th; you may rescue an overwhelmed co-worker, you’re a hero. It’s time to put in motion that project you’ve been thinking about. The stars stress fresh start. Circumstances favor your pioneering spirit.


Posted 2/1/06

  Effie Coley celebrated her 79th birthday last week with visits from family and friends. Son, Skip Carr came by with donuts. Hope you have many more, Effie.

Misty Robinson and children are spending a few days in Florida. Hope Chris doesn’t starve while Misty is gone.

J.J. Luecke spent the weekend in Mt.Carmel visiting with his brother, Joey, and friends.

Haley Joe spent some time with me on Saturday. I tried to have her spend the night a week ago Friday but found out when she’s ready for bed, she wants daddy and her own bed. I had to call Sam to come get her. Maybe when she’s older.

Birthdays; January
25th;Todd Adams, Ryan McIntosh, Debra Mounts.
26th;Mary Garner, Seth Andrew Broster, Frances A. Woodham, Robert Larabell.
27th;Bob Kinsall, Connie Jo Miller.
28th;Brett Davis, Harley Bunting.
29th;Brandon snelling.
30th;Shelia Willett, Gary Woodham, Todd Neibel.
31st;Justin Miller, Lisa Seigert-Free, Deborah Way, Leah Sutton, John Gates.

Astrology for Mary Garner on January26th; Look at groups of people by their shared backgrounds not their shared strengths. Delegate some of your tasks and responsibilities; don’t keep saying you’ll do it, just do it. Put your money where your mouth is.

Astrology for Shelia Willett on January 30th; People need to see your optimistic side, share your visions. Some are in a mood to flirt with disaster, but not you. You may be tempted to do something foolish but don’t give in.



Posted 1/9/06 

      Amanda Turner and daughter, Austyn Skye, of El Paso, Texas has spent the last month visiting with her father, Roger Odom. Amanda’s husband, Andrew is stationed in Iraq for the time being. They enjoyed Christmas and New Years with Roger and also spent some time in Mt.Carmel visiting Amanda’s mother. Mother and daughter returned to El Paso on Monday.

      Tim and Sue Dutko had as their guests, their daughter and grandson from California over the holidays. Their granddaughter was supposed to come but decided at the last minute she wasn’t going to get on the plane. She regrets now that she stayed at home. They returned home on Monday.

        Some Christmas news, Tim Dutko played Santa for the grandchildren of Bill and Judy Wormack. Tim said everything was going fine till one of them wanted to know where the reindeer were, she wanted to pet Rudolph. I have no idea how Tim got out of that situation.

  Birthdays; January

11th;Doris Harrington, Tammy Jo Kelsey, Brad Cunningham, Russell Keiser.

12th;Dylan DiMaggio, Ginger Davis, Jennifer Keifer.

13th;Wanda Goldman, Andrew Klienschmidt, Peggy Hamilton.

14th;David Maurer, Klay Wheeler, Mitchell Burns, Sarah McClelland, Haley Cason, Matt Chiarello.

15th;Nate Free, Tim Alcorn, Phillip Burns, Courtney Willett Conner, Loren Webb, Robert A.Taylor, Bruce McCall.

16th;Ted Edwards, Gail Graham, Margaret Nesler, Cecil Young, Nicholas Neeley.

17th;Dennis Campbell, Larry Schmittler, C.K. Rahmoeller, Christopher Finch, Donald Wilhite.

         Astrology for Tim Alcorn on January 15th; today will not be easy but troubles will be brief and trivial. Public service announcements from the stars, drop the judgment, forgive and forget, you lead very different lives.

         Astrology for C.K. Rahmoeller on january17th; Avoid arguments, keep busy, stay on track. There are a lot of turbulent energies passing thru your life right now.


Posted 1/8/06

        Some late Christmas news, Guests of Tom and Doris Crutchfield on Saturday, December 24th were Mike, Dina, Mason,and Dalton Hungate of Flora, Steve,Donna, and Amy Proctor, Albion, Joyce Berry, Donetta and Dustin Hungate, Bone Gap, Teresa wolf and Son, Bone Gap, Steven, Jody and Children, Rockport, Michael Allen Hungate, Albion, Michele Andrini and son, Grayville. Wayne Berry ,Mt.Carmel stopped by on Christmas day. They also had phone calls from Joanne Atsinger, Grandview, Indiana, and Tamara Monroe and family of Corydon, Kentucky wishing them a Merry Christmas.

         A correction from last week, I had put in as our guest on Christmas Day that a Steve Wood was there, it was Steve Knowles not Wood. Sorry.

          Birthdays; January

4th;Leigh Ann Malone, Stephen I. Hartsock,Kami Johnson.

5th;George Kevin McGarvey,Sr.,Anthony Merlin McGarvey,Mike Morrison.

6th;Judith Li’en Owen, Tim Neal,Candance Henson Brown.

7th;Donovan Baldwin, Julie Christie Fullop,Sonya Klienschmidt.

8th;Ann Wilson  Tolan,Kody Henson, Dustin Grimm,Alec Best, Janet Cunningham.

9th; Michele Klienschmidt, Stephen Cavanaugh.

10th; Janet Neeley, Linda Schmittler, Shelby sue McGarvey.

           Astrology for Dustin Grimm and Janet Cunningham on January 8th; a child in your life will have a great effect on your schedule. Instead of a career, focus on feeling good, finding that sense of humor you lost, and spend some quality time on yourself. Start an exercise program or a new diet, it will work this time. Also remember when you are celebrating this birthday on Saturday night; it might not be fun the next morning.

             Astrology for Janet Neeley on January10th; Get rid of those extras in your life, clothes, food, toys. You will soon be thrilled by the outcome of a certain situation. The cosmos can come up solutions to problems better than any person. Enjoy your downtime.


Posted 12/28/05

   The Homebuilders Class of the First Christian Church met to have lunch at Elsie's in Albion on Dec 19.  There were 8 members there that enjoyed a delicious lunch, played a couple of games, and honored their teacher Helen Baker with a gift.   Those in attendance were Blanche Wells, Minnie Mosbarger, Helen Baker, Mayanne Lentz, Marie Taylor, Carolyn Bunting, Shirley Bunting and Jane Hoffman.  Delores Roosevelt joined them for the meal.  The Homebuilders class would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

RaChelle Garman, Peoria, arrived December 18th, to spend the holidays with her dad, Donny Garman and sisters, Vanessa, Leah, and Talon. On Tuesday, she spent some time with grandfather, Randy Mosberger, on Wednesday; she spent time with grandmother, Coletha Bisch and Aunt, Shana and cousin, J.J.

Christmas dinner was served at the Lighthouse Church on Christmas Eve. Some came to eat and there were several take out dinners delivered by church member, Jerry Owen. Enjoying the good food were Alena Hartsock, Kenny Hartsock, Lori Crabtree, Steven I. Hartsock, Steven L. Hartsock, Dannah Hatrsock, Elliott Hartsock, Beth Hartsock, Mitchell Klienschmidt, Andy Williams, Linda Hartsock Williams, Jason Short, Vanessa Garman, Amanda Conner & children, Alex Cardiff, Joseph J.T. Garcia, Dale Cardiff & family, Jerry & Wanda Owen, Wanda Odom, Lexie McKenzie, Blake Campbell, Robert & Sharlene Knight, Jim Owen, Caroline Andrini &grandson Corbin, Bertis &Sandra Knight, Barbara Seibert, Sharon Benedict, Eldora Martin, Virginia Elliott, Martha Eyer, Lucy Collard, Robert Bramlet, Denny Reese, Nell Klienschmidt, Alberta Smith, Lola Calder, Willard & Beulah Mae Eck.

Those attending Christmas at Rita Hosman’s house were Lucy and Sam Hosman; Rita, Ryan, Jaymi Hosman and Ryan’s girlfriend Katrina Reynolds; Tom and Pat Hosman; Lula and Ray Couser; Lori and Toni Sauls, Josh Jackson, Jared Pemberton, Christie, Scott, Derek, Tyler, Joe, Katelynn Mayberry, Wes, Tammi, Stetson, Shelby, Harley Jackson; Gerri and Ben Riggs and Eric Cowling; Linda, Jack and Kelsey Cox; Javen, Tabitha, Kaden Cox; Nita, Todd and Whitney Beck, Gregory O’Neal and Girlfriend Celeste Scarlett; Sam, Lisa and Kylee Hosman; Bill, Kershaun and Sammie Hosman; Barbara and Terry Mason; Barbi, Ileshea and Cassie Rhodes and James Clayton Siders; Matt, Tabitha, Dylon and Anjuan Rhodes; Larry Wissel; Jerry, Lil Jay, Justin, Brandon and Katie Rhodes; Tracy Trusdell;Dora” Sis”, Taryn, and Eric Sadler. Needless to say, when the Hosman clan gets together, it is a houseful.

Sam, Crystal, and Haley Garman came by on Christmas Eve; Haley wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want anything to do with Grandma. Hope she feels better soon.

Norm and I had a few at our house on Christmas. I had to work from

Am to Noon and Shana had dinner all ready when I got home. I brought Joey and his girlfriend, Bobbi, home with me from Mt.Carmel, Shana and friend, Richard Reed, J.J., Steve Wood, Norm and I enjoyed dinner. After dinner, Vanessa and Jason Short stopped by along with Frankie and Allie Gill and Angel Owen.

Carmen, Danielle, and Randi Daniels had as their guest for Christmas, Donny, Leah, Talon and RaChelle Garman. Coletha Bisch stopped by to drop off gifts.

I want to thank my daughter-in-law, Terri Garman, for sending me the 2006 birthday calendar and Renee Howell for calling to tell me where I might be able to get one.

Birthdays - December
28th; Linda Hill, Kiley Waggoner Hortin, Vanessa Fullop, Nicholas Carter, April.
29th; C.Jo Ward.
30th; John Stockton, Lois Jobe, Madelyn Cunningham, Michael Duvall.
31st; Jordan Tyler Kelsey, Carol Garner, Casey Fisk.

January 1st Stephen Joseph Leucke, Norma Michels Grimes, Jason Cowling, Lola Graham.
2nd;Mildred Green, Norman Bradenkamp, Rachel webb.
3rd;Rachel Crackel

Astrology for Linda Hill on December 28th; your ideas are excellent, so make them happen. Answer the phone promptly, so you don’t miss the good news coming your way, a really juicy secret.

Astrology for Mildred green on January 2nd; Plan for the future. Emotional times have left you drained, but your morale is about to improve. Your confidence escalates as others show their appreciation for your fine qualities.

POSTED 12/22/05            

                I got the surprise of my life Saturday morning when I saw one of Santa’s reindeer in downtown Grayville. I ‘m not sure which one but it was sure in a hurry to get out of town. I was leaving the Dollar store and getting into my car when a deer came from the direction of the bank, tried to cut thru by the theatre and then turned and darted across North Street ,jumped across the back of a passing truck, boy was the driver surprised, and ran down the road pass the Navigator office. I sure hope he finds his way home in time for Christmas Eve; I sure wouldn’t want Santa to be late because of one lost reindeer.

Betty Coe is convalescing at the New Harmony Health Care Center. On top of all her other problems she recently sustained a fractured arm and a fractured disc in her back. I talked to her nephew, David Burrows, on Sunday and he said she is doing fine. I’m sure Betty would enjoy a card or two and maybe even a visit if you happen to be going that way. Her address is Betty Coe New Harmony Healthcare, New Harmony, Indiana.

Margaret Spencer called me Sunday night from Florida to give me a list of relatives who were here for Vertis’ funeral. Her daughter, Mary Ann Légler had been here for three weeks prior helping take care of her father. Kennedy and Kaydee Legler, Bradenton, Florida, Steve, Cindy, and Megan Doty, Lakeland, Florida, Steve and Ann Groff, Norman, Oklahoma, Paul Groff, Madison Heights, Michigan, Mary Groff McClary, Orchards Lake Michigan, Jerry Allen Groff, Plymouth, Michigan. My apologies to Margaret if I missed anyone. My message may have cut her off.

My granddaughter, Vanessa Garman, Angel Owen and I attended the Christmas party at the Froman House in Mt.Carmel on Thursday night. Gifts were exchanged and lots of good food was consumed. This is the home I work at.

On Saturday, Haley Joe and her brother, Weston, came for a visit. Then later in the day Haley and I attended the Carmi House Christmas Party, another home I work in occasionally. As usual, Haley was the life of the party. Dennis Reese was also a guest at the party.

J.J. Luecke spent the weekend in Mt.Carmel with friends. This was his last week to attend Mt.Carmel school, after Christmas break he will be going to school here in Grayville.

Birthdays; December

21st;Scott Wilson
22nd;Robert L.Smith.
23rd;Diane Waggoner, Heather Howard.
24th,Beth Cook.
25th;Jennifer Adams, Sandy Davis, Morgan Cunningham, Dawn Klienschmidt, Kathy Powers, Gayle Hortin.
26th;Chuck Turner, Jennifer Knight, Madison Rose Martin, Mona Willett Riley, Samantha Wimberly.
27th;Roy Woolever.

Astrology for Diane Waggoner on December 23rd; Take the time to enjoy warm human contacts today. Don’t deny the need for social support, compromise.

Astrology for Mona Willett Riley on December 26th; don’t be too quick to throw in the towel if your plans for fun and romance are resisted New windows will open later in the day.

Everyone have a merry Christmas.

Posted 12/12/05

  My sympathies go out to the families of Vertis Spencer. I got to know Vertis thru the years when Norm and I use to paint his roof every couple of years and I always took Margaret and him lettuce and green onions when they were ready in the garden. I really missed him this summer, as he use to be out walking his little dog.

I also extend my sympathy to the Arnold Young family. I only knew him by name but always heard good things of him.

The Birthday Club met at Windsor oaks on Saturday, December 10th after a hiatus of a couple of months. They enjoyed the good food and an exchange of gifts. Those attending were Betty Link, Betty Bredenkamp, Mabel Keifer, Edna Faye Davis, Lucy Wilson, Minnie Mosberger, Norma O’Neill, and Dorothy Maier-Stefl.

Tammy Bridgeman made an unexpected trip to Chicago last week. The best of luck and good fortune to you, Tammy.

Brandon Seigert spent his birthday last Friday in Nashville, Tennessee. I can’t think of a better place to go to have a really good time on your birthday. Hope you had a great time, Brandon.

Haley Joe came and spent Saturday with us while Daddy, Sam, visited with Sam and Lisa Hosman.

I was at the library last week and Molly Jo told me an anonymous donor had donated another $500. to the reward fund for information on who stole the computers .It takes a really low kind of person to do something like that. There were a lot of people, which the library was the only access they had to a computer. I really hope they catch the thieves and throw the book at them.

Birthdays;     December
14th;Dolores Roosevelt, Matthew Carter, Dan Christopher, Brady Pritchett, Mallory Hammell, Loren Stoll.
15th;Kayla Funkhouser, Paul Hargan, Pattty Schutz, Carmen Neely.
16th;Donna Robinson, Sid Gross.
17th;Diana Miller, Richard Dunkel.
18th;Densil Graham, Sherrill Lamont, Virgil M.Jacobs, Jennifer Glover.
19th;Ron Kuykendall, Shane Pritchett, Christine Wiley, Jackie E.Hatsock, Jaida Burrows.

Astrology for Shane Pritchett on December 19th; you are in a compassionate and charitable mood, and feel the need to offer your time and money to those less fortunate. Fun distractions can be a powerful lure at this time, also.


Does anyone have an extra Birthday calendar I can buy or tell me where to get one?


Posted 12 - 2005

Rumor has it that former Grayville resident, now living in Indiana, Kenny Walters, has a scary  way of   moving his eyebrows when he’s concentrating on a pool shot, Kenny is on the Chappy’s 1 team with his friend, Mark Campbell, who is not above trying to bribe someone to miss a shot. It seems Mark was undefeated until last Tuesday night, when, Norm Bisch, a member of the Chappy’s 2 team, beat him.

Some late Thanksgiving news, Keith and Judy Hawkins enjoyed the company of their sons, Shawn, Kenny, and Tony, daughter-in-law, Donna, and grandchildren for Thanksgiving. They all hail from the Chicago area.

Maryann Legler is here helping take care of her father, Vertis Spencer, who is having some serious health problems.

Tim and Becki Alcorn attended the first basketball game of the season to watch their grandson, Elih Tani play. Tim said they lost this game, but you just hang in there, Elih, you can’t lose them all.

Tim was in Evansville Monday night to spend some time with his wife; Becki. They just had their 20th wedding anniversary last week.

Haley Joe and her brother, Weston, spent some time with us on Saturday while Mommy and Daddy did a little Christmas shopping.

Birthdays December

8th;John Lundmark, Miranda Jo Dismang, Kenny Hartsock, Shannondoah Eileen Mattingly.

9th;Steve Kendrick, Brandon Seigert, Gene Smith, Bernice Carter, Tricia Cunningham, Kristi Teague.

10th;Murlin McGarvey, Meghan McKenchie, Treg Hortin, Phillip Grimm, Trey Hanisch.

11th;Clara Pritchett, Laura Potter, Beth Hartsock, Jordan McGarvey

12th;Greg Mosberger, Carl Isbell.

13th;Jacquie Michaelene Sloan, K.B.Legler, Gretchen Wrangler.

 Astrology for Brandon Seigert on December 9th; don’t let your confidence cause you to get carried away. Now is the time to quit living in the past and move forward. Don’t try to make up for lost time, it will only complicate things.

Posted 12 - 2005

Bob and Kathy Stroud of Luka entertained several Grayville residents for Thanksgiving. Those traveling were Mr. and Mrs. Ezra B.Crooks,Cindy Judge,Cody,Taylor,and Marcus Lynn of Grayville ,Michael,Dillion and Gerratt Johnson of Waltonville,Heather Stroud of Fairfield,Troy,and Mary Kay, Dalton and Madison of Lewisville.

Lois Ann and Val gene Wood had Lois’ sister, Delores Lewis for Thanksgiving.

On Friday, November 25th, Another Thanksgiving dinner was held at the Community Center at the White County Housing Project on Main Street. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ezra B.Crooks, Delores Lewis, Lois Ann Wood, David and Michelle Crooks, Lee and Cindy Judge, Taylor Lynn and Riley Henson, Cody Lynn and Alexandria McGarvey, Julie Dennison and Steve Anderson, all of Grayville. Out-of-towners were Bob and Cathy Stroud,Iuka,Heather Stroud,Fairfield,Marcus Lynn,Edwardsville,Mr.and Mrs. Brent Weir and Lucas,Mt.Carmel,Dalton and Madison McNeeley,Lewisville,Mr.and Mrs. Darrin Hortin,Tommy and Caitlin,Mattsonville,and Eli Hortin. I am sure after some of these people had ate Thanksgiving dinner two days in a row, there will be some serious dieting going on. Exception being Marcus Lynn, he could use a little fattening up.

Tom and Doris Crutchfield held Thanksgiving Dinner at their home on spring Street, enjoying Doris’ good cooking were Jesse Houser, of Grayville, Wayne Berry of Mt.Carmel,Tamara Monroe and Megan, and John of Corydon,Kentucky,Donetta Hungate,Bone Gap, and Steve,LaDonna and Amy of Albion.

I had to work on thanksgiving and I cooked for the residents where I work, they all seemed to enjoy their dinner. I picked up my Grandson, Joey and brought him home with me for dinner. Norm and Shana pretty well cooked our dinner at home. We had as our guests, grandsons, Joey and J.J., Shana, Richard Reed, Carl Brown, Roger Odum, and Steve Wood.Sam, Crystal, AndHaley stopped by in the afternoon. Of course, Norm and Carl followed their Thanksgiving tradition of going out to the Tel-trak, this year they took Steve and Roger with them.

Later in the evening, Shana, Richard, Joey, and J.J. traveled to Princeton, Indiana to see the new Harry Potter Movie “Goblet of Fire”.

Haley came on Sunday and spent a few hours with me, she is starting to talk a lot more now.

My granddaughter and I want to thank Grandpa Willard for the nice doghouse he built for Sadie, she sure does enjoy it.

Birthdays; December

1st;Bernadine E. Hodge, Allison Mattox.

2nd;Logan Bailey, Misty Robinson, Drew Glover.

3rd;Josh Keifer, Christopher Evans, Travis Irvine.

4th;Kenny henshaw.5th;Phillip Everett, Scott Irvine.

6th;Darla Wilson, Ashli Potter, Malec Jerome Caudell.

7th;Nicholas Combs, JoEllen Seil, Magaret McCormick, Sharon Benedict, Sunshine Bunting, Emily Ginther, Trey Evans.

Astrology for Scott Irvine on December 5th; don’t let preconceived notions rule you; be observant and adapt to circumstances as you find them. You will find a sympatric ear.

Astrology for JoEllen Seil on December 7th; be willing to look at yourself objectively, revise your thinking and dig deep for the truth. Don’t be satisfied with answers that just reinforce the status quo.


POSTED 11/14/05

Mike and Billy McGarvey, Dick and Sandy Lee and children, and David McGarvey were among many of the family of Jewel McGarvey, called home by her passing away. She will be missed by many. My fondest memory of her was seeing her drive around in her little car, just barely able to see thru the windshield.

Angie Glover Oathout was here over the weekend visiting family and friends.

Delores Compton left on Sunday to spend some time with former resident, Rose Gardner, Peoria, while she
recuperates from major surgery. Rose use to own the Chances Are Bar before she relocated to Peoria.

Myself, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Orr and son Phillip, Delores Marlowe and Eugene Wolf were just a few of many who attended the visitation for Jewel Mc Garvey.

Tim and Becki Alcorn have had an unexpected visitor this last week. It seems a raccoon has invaded their area. Despite attempts to catch the crafty fellow, he is still at large. Better find better bait, Tim. Maybe some Moose chowder would work.

Several Moose members were seen stirring the chowder pot on Saturday. My question is, did they only stir long enough to get their picture taken or were they really serious about?

 Former Pastor, Jerry Ricketts, South Carolina, was the guest Pastor at the Lamplight Church on Sunday.

Jason and Chris Short were in the St. Louis area this weekend to go deer hunting with former resident, Steve Rudisill. It’s a good thing the weather was mild as they spent the weekend sleeping in a tent. Jason managed to get a seven point buck and I’d better get some of it.

Angel Owen, daughter of Bobby Owen and Anna Dazzio spent Friday night with “Aunt” Frankie Gill and Vanessa Garman.She sure is a little doll.

Haley Joe was here on Sunday spending time with Aunt Shana and cousins, Vanessa and J.J.

I finally had a full weekend off without having to work or be on call. It sure was great; we went to Chappy’s on Friday night and listened to the band “Impact”. Mark Campbell is the bass player and it is a really good band.

Danny and Angie Kuykendall spent some time this weekend down south, doing some horse riding and just getting away.

I had the pleasure last week of meeting Billy Rodgers; he is the sales rep for WFIW radio station. By the way, Billy, send me your E-mail address and I’ll send you that information you and Norm talked about.

Bob and Cathy Stroud were here working on their rental homes and visiting family and friends.

Birthdays; November

 14, ;Adam Nesler, Kenneth Skiles, McKenzie Hargan, Garrett Cole Judge.
17th David Kendrick, Ruby Ross, Kaliegh Nicole Meritt.
19th;Andrea D.Cowles,L arry Lingafelter, Lori Bisch, Charley Pierson, Trevor Borowiak, Lois Hall, Amanda Klienschmidt, Holly Williams.
20th;Anthony Edward Hallam.
21st;Jake Adams, Travis McGarvry, Ruth Chalcraft, Levi Fisk, Carrie Nesler.
22nd;Justin Howard, Carolyn Spencer.

Astrology for David Kendrick on November 16th; approach tasks slowly with regard to the long range consequences. Be compassionate and sensitive to avoid alienating an ally during a business deal.

Astrology for Andrea D.Cowles on November 19th; Anticipate alternate arrangements for your travel plans, they may change. Everyone will be happier. Plan an early return if you do go out.

Please everyone, do let me know of your Thanksgiving visitors or if you go to visit some one. I would really appreciate it.

Have a safe and happy week and tell someone you love them. They might love you back.

POSTED 11/7/05

Vertis Spencer is home again after spending six days in the deaconess Hospital. Margaret said Hospice is coming to help her care for him. Their daughter, Mary Ann came to help out while Vertis was in Hospital. On top of all that, they had a tree come down in the back yard Saturday night.

My neighbor, Doris Crutchfield spent some time in the hospital last week having tests; they still aren’t sure what is wrong with her.

Elih Tani spent the weekend her visiting with Tim and Becki Alcorn, Maynette Alcorn and Graci Wilson.

My grandson, Joey, crashed and burned on a bike Sunday and sprang his wrist.

Haley came to visit on Sunday while Sam took her brother, Weston and a friend fishing.

Birthdays; November

9th;Abigail Celeste Broster, Matthew Black, Teddy R. Fisk.
10th;Stan Smith, Billie Vaughn Waggoner, Tonya Link, Stephanie Garner, David Hanisch, Edwin Grimes, Jamie Judge.
11th;Ryan Johnson, Hunter Bisch,Paula Krankel, Elijah Link.
12th;Stacie Miller, Gerry Emery, Amaya Lashbrook.
13th;Bob Walker, Kate Broster, Stacey Brands, Zachery Klienschmidt.
14th;Mary Spencer, Sue Bibb,
15th;George McGarvey, JaJa Aldredge, Tom W.Butler.

Astrology for Bob “Night crawler” Walker on November 13th; an unreasonable streak of independence or excess can make you your own worst enemy. Pace yourself to avoid a health problem or a setback for a project.

Astrology for JaJa Aldredge on November 15th; Uh oh, your birthday is on the full moon bringing to the surface hidden emotions involving a relationship. Reflect on how your image may affect others. Don’t be possessive.

Greet the next person you meet with a smile.

POSTED 10/19/05

    Bill and Rosetta Risinger spent the Columbus Day weekend at Lincoln State Park in Indiana with their family. Bill said they try to do this at least once a year. Also spending the weekend were randy and Belinda Funkhouser, Mark,Deandra, Kelsey, Madison, and Alena, Martin, Mahlon, Yvonne, Anthony and Carissa Hallam and Kayla and Katie Funkhouser. Bill and Rosetta especially thanks the Turners for keeping their dog, as the park didn’t permit pets.

    Billie White of Olney, Judy Owen, and Mickey Reid treated their mother, Beulah Eck to a weekend touring the covered bridges around Veedersburg .They usually do this every year and stay for a week but this year it was cut to just the weekend.
I spent Monday morning at the Princeton Hospital, waiting while my daughter, Shana, had surgery. I am glad to report she is doing fine and ready to come home anytime.

    Tim Alcorn and Norman Bisch spent a few days in Tulsa, Oklahoma on business for Walter Oil and Tool.
I am glad to report hat my fat cat, Sugar Plum has lost two pounds since she came to live with us and is starting to socialize a little more with us. Norm said on Saturday morning, she even came out to visit with Roger Odum. Roger stops by sometimes to watch Norm play spades on the computer.

    Congratulations to Bill and Diane Waggoner on the birth of their new grandson, Xavier Thane born on Friday, October 15th, 2005, Parents are Kiley Waggoner and Joey Barnett.

  I am sure everyone in the community was saddened to hear about the tragedy that befell the Mark Johnson family on Friday night. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to watch your home go up in smoke, devastating I am sure.

Birthdays; October
19th; Marilyn Hawkins.
20th;Jessica Seil, Elih Tani, Teresa Johnson, Jeff Klienschmidt.
21st;percy Dobbs, Rosetta Risinger, John Funkhouser, Josh Curtis Turner, Clarence Gross, Jr. Norman Judge, Leroy Gubbins, Kinley Noel Milligan, Wesley snyder.
22th;Doris Smith Simpson, David Ryan Kiefer.
23th;Jim Newman, Catherine Beason, Sean Maurer.
24th;Abby Moore, Joanna Crackel Conner.
25th;Mark Johnson, Leon Milligan

    Astrology for Marilyn Hawkins on October 19th; you have such a generous nature, be sure that someone doesn’t try to take advantage of you. be careful with money and possessions.

    Astrology for Jimmy Newman on October23rd.Take time to play today, a friend has plans to keep you busy but don’t take it too seriously.

Have a great week and greet everyone with a smile.

POSTED 10/10/05


POSTED 10/1/05

The Birthday Club met on Thursday, September22, at the Windsor Oaks dining room. This month’s honorees were Gertrude Irvine Mason and Barbara Shepherd. Others enjoying the festivities were Betty Link, Betty Bradenkamp, Norma O’Neill, Mabel Keifer, Lucy Wilson, Minnie Mosberger, Marie Taylor, and Dorothy Maurer-Stefl.

    On Thursday, I and Christina Gaultney took a trip to Centralia to pick up a prospective new resident for the home I work at.

      Things have been out of sorts with my grandsons this last week. J.J. had a sinus infection and decided he would come to G’ma’s house to convalesce, then his brother Joey had a reaction to some medicine they gave him for migraines and had to go the emergency room. Shana said the two boys have been in one room at the E.R. so much this last year in Mt.Carmel Hospital that they ought to name it the Luecke Room. Haley Joe was here again on Saturday morning; she was feeling a lot better this week. I was saddened to hear of the passing of Berry Bertram. He and Joyce were neighbors of my Grandmother and myself for a lot of years. I know he will be sorely missed by his family. What I want to know is why there was only one Grayville firefighter shown meeting the President. Did the others not count or what?

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I’m sure the rain on Sunday was welcome. If only to cool things down a little.

Birthdays; September
28th; J.J. Luecke, Marguerite Bond, Rodney Miller, William C.Haller.
29th; Sharon Broster Walden, David Keiffer.
30th; Gary Bisch,Debbie Judge, Madeline Wells,Coleen Klienschmidt.

1st;Reed Alan Wilson,Maurus Tooley,Robert Kraetsch,Adriana Duvall.
2nd;Larry Butler, Gary Butler, Minnie Mosberger,Kenneth Mosberger,Amelia Seigert,Rachel seigert,Glenn Rhinehart.
3rd;Matt Rhinehart,Charlotte Oglesby,Ethel bailey.
4th;Daniel Wayne Gray, Betty Bisch,Majorie Salisbury, Gary Ward, Mabel Keifer,Tony Glover

Weekly Forecast for September 26, 2005
Keep your head down as the week begins. You'll face of flurry of distractions and demands on Monday, and you'll need some help from your friends to see you through. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, others will look to you to take the lead, so don't be bashful about making plans and pointing the way. (And don't sweat the details.) On Friday and Saturday, get out and get gregarious. Socializing will leave you feeling energized -- and you just might be able to help others out with your sensitive, diplomatic touch. This Sunday, all eyes are on you. Flirt up a storm.

Daily Extended Forecast for September 29, 2005 for Sharon Broster Walden
Forget what others think. It's not easy, but it's necessary. Be proud of whom you are and what you've accomplished, and don't measure yourself by any standards that don't fit. The main question is, are you happy? Do you get a sense of satisfaction out of your life? Then that's what really matters. If you can answer in the affirmative to both those questions, you're way ahead of the game and better off than most.

Daily Extended Forecast for September 30, 2005 for Gary Bisch
Go your own way. There comes a time when you have to decide what it is you believe and separate that from what you think you should believe or what others tell you to think. Having a set of personal morals and standards is an invaluable tool for this life, so work on developing yours. It may not be terribly easy at first -- after all, going along with the crowd can be ever so much more comfortable -- but it'll be so worth it in the long run.

POSTED 9/21/05

Congratulations to Roger Odom on the birth of his new granddaughter born on Saturday, will give you all the details next week.

Nedra Way spent the weekend with her son, Scott and his family, wife, Debbie, sons, Matt, Elijah, and Nolan at their home in Carmel, Indiana.

Dallas and Ruth Ann White left on Tuesday of last week for Kentucky to get ready for their son, Curtis’ wedding on Saturday. They returned home on Sunday.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. C.K. Rahmoeller on their wedding Saturday at the Methodist church, with a reception following at the banquet hall at the American legion.

Haley Joe was visiting again on Saturday, but she wasn’t feeling to well, got a cold.

A couple of months ago I lost my Siamese cat that I had had for about eight years, but my friends have been looking for another one. On Friday, my best friend, Richard Schmittler, located one for me. Sugar Plum was delivered to my house by Julie duke Cowling. The cat is almost eight years old and a beautiful cat but she weighs 16 ½ pounds. Her former owner said she had never seen food she, Sugar Plum, didn’t like. I believe it. She is finally settling in and getting use to my other cats. Norm says, she definitely will be going on a diet.

A few Grayville residents spent the weekend down at the Garden of the Gods horseback riding. Angie and Danny Kuykendall, Frankie Gill and Dustin Grimm are just the few I know about. It was really a beautiful weekend to go riding.

Danny Allen was called back early from New Orleans due to the illness of his wife Melba, My source said she is on the road to recovery now.

The rest of the Grayville bunch who went got back Saturday morning just in time to go on a fire run. What a homecoming! To all of them, a job well done.

Birthdays; September
21st;Dorothy Houck Marks, Curry Baker, Heather Wheeler, Nevaeh Norman.
22th;Lucas Scott Broster, Cassie Evans, Janet Skiles Pritchett, Maria Neeley, Grant Leavens.
23th;Sara Snelling, Becky Irvine Harris, Kelly Hall Kraetsch.
24th;Mike Johnson.
25th;Susie Knight, Elizabeth House, Nathaniel Kiefer.
26th;Doug Duvall, Martha Eyer.
27th;Lisa Baker Carter, Dale Carter, Kelsey Rahmoeller, Pat Hensley, Hannah Winebarger.

The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd.the key words for a Libra is sometimes” what’s in it for me”? Do you know any Libras like that?

It's all about compromise as the week begins, so be careful and cautious in your one-on-one relationships on Monday. Whatever you bring to the table (positive or negative) will be multiplied and returned. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, your natural diplomacy will shine. Others will look to you to give advice and settle disputes -- and don't be surprised if they're impressed (and even attracted to you) in the process. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, expect to be filled with earnest and expansive intellectual energy -- you'll be eager to talk about new things with new people. This Sunday, stick to the program and stay patient.

Daily Overview for September 21, 2005 for Janet Skiles Pritchett -Provided by

A group of admirers ply you with food and drink -- be careful not to overindulge.

Dignity and sanity are high on your must-have list, especially in light of all the recent compromises and sacrifices you've made. Go ahead and declare your independence from the self-absorbed and the selfish.

Daily Overview for September 25, 2005 for Elizabeth House - Provided by

Feel your emotions -- don't hold back. Whether good or bad, they shape who you are.

Someone's developing drama may throw your personal rhythm off beat, which will require more patience on your part. Don't let this change throw your confidence off-guard, too -- you're still capable of making decisions on your own.

POSTED 9/14/05

As most of you know some of our firefighters have joined a group of people to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina, let us all remember, Danny, Carmen, Melissa, Jack and Randy in our thoughts and prayers.

      Dallas White returned from the Deaconess Hospital late last week, where he had been a patient since Tuesday.

     Dallas White and Norman Bisch were in New Haven on Saturday on business with a veteran’s representative.

     Mike McGarvey has extended his stay for a few more days. I heard a rumor that he may be moving back here for good. I am sure his family will be glad to have him closer to home.

    Tim and Becki Alcorn and Jay and Sharon Walden attended the Cardinals game on Friday night. The Cardinals won! They also happened to see Jimmy, Holly and Preston O’Donley. What are the chances of that occurring?

    Haley Joe and her brother, Weston spent some time with me on Saturday morning.

    Richard Reed, Mt.Carmel was the winner of the billiards tournament held at the Youth Center on Saturday night. Joey, Shana and J.J. were here for it also. J.J. spent the night with Norm and me.

Birthdays; September
14th; Richard Hampsten, Gertrude Irvine Mason, Majorie butler, Megan Doty, Brad Schroeder, Jacelyn Wilson, Marianlee Jacobs, Terry Hawkins.
15th; Brenda McGarvey, Barbara Shepherd, Jim Finch, Mary Helen Wood.
16th; Jeff Lingafelter, Ida Van Fleet, Rick Barbre, Lottie Sayre, Rick Rinkenberger.
17th; George Kevin McGarvey, Jr., Jennifer Sullivan.
19th;Jake Robert Ward, Bob Ward, Haley Marie Malone, Elijah Way, Marquerite Berkerman, Harli Marie Hanisch.
20th;Dannah Rael Hartsock

    Weekly Forecast for September 12, 2005

Provided by Monthly Forecast 

     Your hard work and creativity are paying off as the week begins! Follow-through is its own reward of course, but on Monday and Tuesday you'll get more tangible results from your efforts. (And don't be surprised if others find that ambitious energy of yours attractive.) On Wednesday and Thursday, consider some experimentation to complement your already extraordinary organizational skills -- you might just might find an even better way of doing things. On Friday and Saturday, don't count on getting things done (or on getting people to move as quickly as you might like). Be flexible and take this as an opportunity to take it easy. On Sunday, search for your true sense of purpose -- and expect to find it. 

     Astrology for Gertrude Irvine Mason on September 14th

Relationship conflicts are messy. You aren't the only one who's right -- or wrong.

Politely decline the free tickets to someone else's drama, no matter how they try and entice you to participate. It's never any use to try and stamp your opinions on someone else or their relationship, so resolve to let sleeping dogs lie.

    Astrology for Ida Van Fleet on September 16th

Find a way to reorganize your stuff -- you'll immediately see what's missing.

It's important to you to control the tasks that you take on, but being a touch more flexible will help you out a lot more now. Learn to bend and follow the surprises the universe throws in your path.

    Everyone have a great week and tell me your news.

POSTED 9/7/05

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. I didn’t have time to get a lot of news, so please give me a call or e-mail me with all your visitors and I’ll get it in next week.

Tim and Sue Dutko had an all weekend pajama party, that is to say they kept the weekend very casual for their guests from the Chicago suburbs. They were the Dutko’s son, Chris Norlin, Tim’s brother Tom and wife, Beth, their daughter, Jennifer, and son, Tom and Tom’s friend, Julie.

My granddaughter, Haley Joe and I made a trip up town on Saturday morning. She had her eyes on everything. Sure wore me out. She got tired of the stroller and she can sure move them little legs. And of course J.J. spent the weekend with Norm and me.

My other grandson, Joey came down on Saturday night to go out to supper with me, but I ended up having to work at Rick’s Place so we’ll have to make it another night. It seems he saw this commercial on TV about a grandma setting the table for herself and a grandson, but the grandson was too busy getting high on drugs to spend time with her. It really affected Joey deeply, and he told his mom he wanted to spend time with me. He is really a good kid not in to a lot of things some of today’s teenagers are. He does have a girlfriend, tho and she takes up a lot of his time.

Mona Willitt Riley was here spending time with friends and family, Jay and Shelia Willitt.

Just a few of the people I saw over the weekend were Tom Horste, Ronnie and Donnie Lingafelter and their younger brother, Bobby Taylor, Doug Duvall and his family, Eddie Paris, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Belew, David McGarvey and his daughter, Mike and Billy McGarvey, Tony and Tammi Farrell.

Tony Treadway, Oswego, Illinois, spent the weekend with his father, Conrad.
Shawn and Kenny Hawkins, Chicago surburbs, were here spending time with their parents, Keith and Judy Hawkins.
Tim and Becki Alcorn had their annual Labor day Party, I’m sure it was a huge success. Sorry I missed it.

Please get your visitors or if you were gone for the weekend let me know.

Birthdays; September
7th; Mary Helen Rahmoeller, Kim Malone, Lisa Cowling.
8th; Aaron McKechie, Gary Fulford, Joann Finch, Marilyn Lewis, Bobby Newman,
9th;Greg Doty, Steve Schmittler.
10th; Tom Kiehl, Shaun Dunkel, Kali Gross, Morgan Combs, Richard Bunting.
11th; Brooke Armstrong, Barbara Munsey, Cassie Hanisch, Aaron Davis.
12th; George Houck, Debbie Klienschmidt, Devon Powers, Fernanda Bashore, Terri GarmanKkatelynn Thomas.
13th; Barbara Seigert Bossart, Mike Wilson, Ashley Hawkins, Jennifer Turner, Wayne Leehy,Lisa Wood.,

Astrology for Mary Helen Rahmoeller on September 7th;
Making a major purchase with someone else could cause some waves. Take it slow.

If someone insists on being snippy, soldier on and do what you know needs to be done in spite of their unhelpful attitude. If their assistance is absolutely required, let them know that they're just hindering things with their snarkiness
Astrology for Barbara Munsey on September 11th;

Family obligations are opportunities to pay back the love you've been given.

Who's laughing now? Well, you are actually! While some other signs are deep in the doldrums, you're awash in feelings of goodwill. Look for some like-minded types to hang with -- cheering someone up right now might take too much

Special Edition | Posted 8/28/2005

Melissa swain e-mailed this account of her family’s trip to St. Augustine, Florida.

Jack, I, Hannah and Taylor (oldest Grandchild) ...Went to St.
Augustine, Fl..... for a first stop, of course had to spend some time on George
St. (Checking out the shops!!)  Went looking all around town. When it got
almost dark took the Ghost Tour, "A Ghostly Encounter" Featured on the Travel
Channel and TNT's "Liar's and Legends" It was really something we all enjoyed,
It wasn't like some spook house of people trying to scare you, it was a walking
Tour around town, and it was based on authentic facts and happenings in St.
Augustine, (you got to see the actual places things happened.)  When you
Consider St Augustine's been around since the Spanish and survived the Pirate
Days, it has some pretty interesting history!!  We spent a few days on Daytona
Beach, then went across the state to visit Officer Doug Phillips has wife Grace.

And the kids, they are all doing very well, pretty adjusted to living in Fla.
now, but they still miss the feeling of closeness and belonging the people of
Grayville give you.

The Midranger band will be playing at Rick’s Place on Labor Day weekend.
This is a great band, try to stop and listen to them

    My granddaughter Haley Joe made her first trip to the library on Saturday, I hope it won’t be her last. She really looked the place over, from the toys furnished for toddlers to the books. She has added new words to her growing vocabulary. She now says thank you. Mommy and Daddy are teaching her right.

    J.J. was here again this weekend. He can hardly wait till next weekend. Hope he saves some money for Grayville Days.

   Mark and Donna Campbell had their grand opening at their newly purchase business on Saturday. I was down for a while and it was packed. They gave away drink cozies, t-shirts and other various prizes. They also put on a delicious meal for their customers wish them both much luck in this new endeavor. Oh; by the way the business is called Chappy’s.

   Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe James of Texas has been here this last week visiting family and friends. They returned home on Sunday

   I heard that the Legion is going to start having suppers again on Saturday night. I guess the old Saturday night Supper Club can resume their meeting there. I know it won’t be the same as over the last 2 or 3 years they have lost part of their group, Ralph Alcorn, Herschel Groff, and ”Doc”Wilson. I know they are greatly missed. I really enjoyed listening to them talk about the “good ole days”.

    I get four days off of work next weekend so I will really get to enjoy Grayville Days. Can’t wait to get some grab bags from Lovins Pharmacy. They only cost a dollar and you can get some really good stuff in there.

    Don’t forget to call or e-mail me with all your company visiting next weekend or anything you think might be suitable for our news.

   I want to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Michael Fischer, my neighbor, who turned 16 last weekend. Oh, Lord, now he can drive.

    Birthdays; September
1st;Caitlin Marie Dunkel, John Michael Haller.
2nd;Dora “Sis”Sadler,Buelah Scott, Phillip Orr, Angie Kuykendall, Bryan Schmittler, Meta Sidding.
3rd;david Cowling, Dawn Baldwin Messman, Jackie Link, Matthew Paul Hargan, Hazel Nelson, Glenda Brands, Karen Worley, Malia Ann Schmittler.
4th;April Conner, Jody Hill Hanisch, Jennie Skiles.
5th;Dale Cox, Barbara Higginson, Tonia Hickenbottom, Paige Maeir, Nicole Maier, Mallory Maier, Ken Nerius.
6th;Juanita Broster, Robert Bankston, Julie McFarland.

 Weekly astrology for August29th-September3rd

          As the week begins, satisfy your urge to socialize by finding a likeminded group to hang out with (especially one with a strong female influence). On both Monday and Tuesday, you'll feel energized and organized by companionship and teamwork. On Wednesday and Thursday (and the early part of Friday, too), try to stay flexible. Overbearing people could threaten to overwhelm you with conflicting plans and unreasonable demands, and the best thing you can do is take a patient, helpful attitude. On Friday afternoon and evening and on into the weekend, you might feel like putting on a cape and striking an inspiring pose. Your superpowers -- chiefly, the ability to identify what needs to be done and get to it -- are clearly evident for everyone to see.

        Astrology for Angie Kuykendall on September 2,
   There's a lot going on, but you're keeping your cool and everyone's impressed!
    You're determined to do something to help people, especially when it comes to the environment. Whether you're planning ways to raise awareness, donating money or buying a hybrid car, you're sure to set an example for others

Astrology for Julie McFarland on September6th;

   Deep discussions about values cause you to re-think things. Expect indecision.
   They may not be what you expected, but your companion du jour opens the possibilities for what you thought of as enjoyable experiences. Who knew mowing the lawn and playing in the sprinkler could be such fun?

   Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend and get out and partake of all Grayville has to offer for our Grayville Days celebration. 

Posted 8/23/2005

         A combined birthday party was held on Saturday, August 20th at the Moose Lodge for Linda and Jim Glover, both, whose birthdays just happen to fall on the same day, August 23th.The couple were taken on a carriage ride around town before the party started at 7:00 P.M. Hors d’Oerves were served through the evening and music was furnished by the Hallem Brothers band. Guests were too numerous to mention, but the Moose parking lot was full.

Tom and Doris Crutchfield held a family and friends get together at the Grayville Park on Saturday, August 21, 2005.Those attending were Shelia Yates, son, Audie, and friend from Robards ,Kentucky, Gracie Frizzell and son, Chris ,Beaver Dam, Kentucky, Doger Crutchfield, friend Tamara and son, John, Corydon, Indiana, Bobby and Tommy Conner, North Vernon, Indiana, John Conner, Evansville, Indiana, David Conner, Albion, Illinois, Joyce Berry, children, Dustin and Donetta, and friend Felicia, Bone Gap, Illinois, Brian Conner and Family, Grayville, and of course, Tom and Doris.

Alberta Smith and I must be connected somehow, I was thinking about calling her Saturday morning and she called me. If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen her out and about lately, she has been in the hospital the last three weeks having had major surgery. Alberta said she is feeling better now and I hope she will soon be out and among friends doing the good work again.

Friday, August 19th, was Donny Perry’s birthday and his special friend, Rita Jones, surprised him with some home refurbishing. Donny had made comment that he would like to rearrange his living room and Rita gave him quite a surprise when he got home and it was a done deal. Good work, Ri.

Randi Daniels left Saturday for Murray state College in Kentucky. A group of her friends were there to see her off, taking pictures and a lot of hugging. Her mother, Carmen and friend, Donny Garman, accompanied her, to help get her settled in and transport her belonging. Good luck, Randi and enjoy college.

I have new pictures of my granddaughter Haley Joe, she sure is photogenic. Sam, Crystal, Haley and Weston came by on Friday night to deliver them. Then on Saturday, Haley came by and spent a few hours while Daddy went golfing.

My grandson, J.J. spent Saturday night with Norm and me. He spent some time at the Youth Center with cousin, Vanessa Garman and Jason Short. He’s trying to hone up his billiards skills.

24th; Don Hodgson, Sam Hosman, Jr., Greg Bisch, Norma O’Niell, Malia Borowiak.
25th; Barbara Mason, Stacey Snyder, Jewell Weil, Shane Willett, Becky Imboden, Nata Schutz.
26th; Rick Davis, Tom Broster, August Neeley, Jean Ward, Jamie Thomason, Carl ”Monster” Brown.
27th;Dorothy Maurer-Stefl, Stephenie Stoll, Andrew Carter, Jace Borowiak, Sequoyah Judge, Vera Funkhouser, Helen Zirklebach.
28th; Helen Brown.
29th;Sam Broster, Melba Leavens, Charles Seigert, Mark Schoenheit, Bev Baldwin, Lyle Best.30thth,Ervin Handel, Shelby Hammell, Julie McComas Rinkenberger, Samantha Cunningham, Leona Feiber.
31st;Ron Nesler, Martin Schmittler, Jeff Compton, Kassidi Metcalf, Brooklyn Metcalf, Cage Metcalf.

Astrology for Barbara Mason on August 25th; Get in touch with your earthy side. Cook a great meal. Get some exercise.

The past is an undiscovered country. Is your passport up to date? You’re about to go exploring to find the answers you seek. Don’t bother packing—you’ve already got everything you need.

Astrology for Carl Brown on August 26th; you’re a whiz at logic right now. If there is a puzzle, you can solve it.

It takes time to take care of all the nooks and crannies, but the peace of mind will bring you is well worth the effort. So make out that to-do list, and definitely check it twice—heck, even thrice.

Astrology for Jeff Compton on August 31st; you softie, always rooting for the underdog. Now you can give them a hand.

Sometimes the stars work for you—sometimes they make you work for yourself. Your potential today lies in your hands. Survey the situation around you carefully before you decide to proceed.

Everyone have a great week and SMILE.

Posted 8/17/2005

On August 10th, Ruth Bare was treated to a Birthday dinner at Tequila’s in Carmi by her daughter, Becky miller and son, Rick Bare and Wife Debbie.

Tom and Doris Crutchfield celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday, August 13th.Joining them for a cookout was daughter, Joyce, grandchildren, Donetta and Dustin, from Bone Gap, Joyce’s friend, Felicia, son, Roger and friend, Tamara, from Corydon, Indiana, Kelly Drum and sons from Albion. Later in the evening Tom and Doris and Roger and Tamara wandered up to Rick’s place to listen to a little music.

A going away party was held in honor of Randi Daniels, who will be leaving to attend Murray State College in Kentucky, next week. Needless to say Mom, Carmen Daniels is trying hard to be brave and let her first born go out into the big world alone. She can do it, Carmen. Enjoying the cookout were Dad, Dexter, sister, Danielle, Donny and Talon Garman, Rick Howard, friends of Randi and Danielle, Matt Miller, Jennilee Schroeder, Jake Ward, Jamie Garwood, John Funkhouser, Cassidy Hodgson, Toni Morrison, Dakota, Nadine, Crystal and Crystal’s sister. Forgive my not knowing some last names but my source didn’t know all of them.

My grandson, J.J. is home from Florida, His mother, Shana and a friend drove all night Friday to meet J.J. and his dad, Steve, in Marietta, Georgia. Unlike when Norm and I made the trip a few years ago, both parties had cell phones and were able to keep in touch on the way. He called on the way home and left a message that he couldn’t wait to get home to eat my food and watch my TV.

Some of you may not know, a few weeks ago Henry and Maggie Kijonka sold Mossy’s bar to Mark and Donna Campbell. It is now called Chappy’s. I want to wish them great success in this new business venture and stop in a see them sometime.

Birthdays August
17th;Shawn Allan Perry, Michael Sutton, Diana mason.
18th;Jarred Brown.
19th;Greg Smith, Clara Faye Langford.
20th;Frankie Gill, Steve Broster, Audrey Schmittler, Brittany Brands.
21st;Nikki Kraetsch, Cameron gross.22nd;Becki Alcorn, Marvin Robinson, Jared Thomas, Linda Garrett, Angela Chard.
23rd;Randy Knight, Dorothy Westmoland, Erica Mitchell, Jim and Linda Glover, Cheryl Funkhouser, Larry Leavens.

Mercury went direct on August 15th. Now maybe things will get back to normal. Go ahead and sign those contracts, get married or file those divorce papers. I t should all go as planned.

Astrology for Frankie Gill on August 20th; Pay very close attention to your heart when it comes to making a big decision.

The most elegant solutions are usually the simplest ones as well, if a puzzling situation just seems endlessly complicated, ask yourself how you can make it easier. Viola—there’s your answer.

Astrology for Becki Alcorn and Linda Garrett on August 22nd; Make an effort to learn something new at every opportunity.

Listening to naysayers gives them far more credibility than they deserve. You know exactly what you’re capable of. So hold true to your vision and follow thru. Everything will fall into place.

Astrology for Jim and Linda Glover on august 23rd; you could make a party out of a paper hat and a cupcake. Now that’s talent.

If one person’s opinion affects you to the point where you think about abandoning a long desired goal, maybe you should think about what it is you really want. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Have a good week and stay in touch.  Coletha

Posted 8/9/05

I received a phone call this week from Darrell Franklin, Arlington, Texas, and brother of Marjorie Miser. He is trying to find information on the following people, Ima Jean Bryant, Katherine Pittser, and Kenneth Allen. They were all in the graduating class of 1942.If you have any information, please contact me by e-mail or phone or contact Darrell at 817-726-2792.the class of 1942 will be having a class reunion at the Windsor Oaks on September3rd, meeting at 10; 30 a.m. Darrell and I had a nice chat, he knows my mother, Joclyn Walsh and he had even worked with Norm’s dad, Clifton in Detroit, Michigan when they were very young.

Tim and Becki Alcorn held the Wilson family reunion at the Alcorn Flamingo Park on Sunday August7, 2005...Becki’s maiden name was Wilson. Out of town guests were Jim & Valada (Wilson) Jackson, Charles Nash & Sue (Wilson) Engler, Charles&Frances Wilson, Connie (Wilson) Ungethum, Tom White& Barbara Wilson, Tony&Diane Wilson, Cody Huelsman & Ricky Roll, Teresa Coleman, Nikki & Shalyn Youngblood, Dwayne Ungethum & Lara Shaller, Tyler Ungethum, Elih Tani, Everett Wilson. Guests from Grayville were Gracie Wilson, Gordon, Jamey, & Ri Barnett, Maynette Alcorn& Becky Groff.

Vanessa Garman&Jason short took Vanessa’s youngest sister, RaChelle to the White County Fair last Tuesday. While there they ran into their Uncle Sam and his family.

Haley Joe Garman, my youngest granddaughter, was here to visit on Saturday while her Daddy shot a few golf balls in Mt.Vernon. She also got to visit with her Aunt Shana.

My Grandson, J.J., will be home from Florida next Sunday. Guess I will have to stock up on groceries.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Collins hosted a fish fry and cookout at Briarpatch Lake on Saturday for family and friends.

Birthdays August
10th;Delores Compton, Alexandra Broster, Cheryl Broster, Dustin Schroeder.

11th;Patti Evans.12th;Steve Bossart, Wanda Bankston, Bryom Ward, Marcella Broster, Rick Ogleby, Adam Noblett, Bud Windle
13th;Melas Miller, Mary Jean Seigert, Jennifer Sweeney, Eugene conner.
14th;Maynette Alcorn, Nancy Garrison.
15th;Katie Morrison.16th; Katie Buckels, Andrew Fryman, Ella Garner, Wilma Lingafelter, Lisa Klienschmidt, Tristan Klienschmidt.

These predictions or remarks are taken off the Yahoo website and are done only in fun and not to ridicule or humiliate anyone.

Astrology for Delores Compton on August10th; You’ve got a friend. In fact you have several. You are one lucky lion. Someone’s got your back. So keep moving ahead and don’t worry about catching all the tiny little details. Just make sure you say thank you after it’s all over and let them know you’ll return the favor.

Astrology for Maynette Alcorn on the 14th; if you’ve got it flaunt it—and you’ve got it in spades. Get your ya-yas out. Something is so sinfully delicious that you can’t resist having a taste or two. That’s fine as long as you don’t go overboard. Remember; moderation is the key, especially when it comes to indulgence.

Astrology for Katie Buckels on the 16th; Put the reins on your ego. Why ruin all your natural charms with arrogance. You’re a hotshot, there’s no doubt about that—but lighten up on the attitude, or your ratings could cool down pretty quickly. Ever thought about the subtle, yet lasting effects of humility.

Posted 8/2/05

Nedra and Bill Way enjoyed the company of their son, Scott and wife, Debbie and sons, Elijah and Nolan for three days last week. They all had a nice visit.

Ken and Jennie Skiles celebrated their twenty-second wedding anniversary on Saturday; July22nd.They both enjoyed a chocolate pie made by Ruth Bare.

Rita Jones of rural Ellery was here for the weekend visiting special friend, Donny Perry and others. On Saturday night they took in the music of the Midranger band at Rick’s Place. Rita’s son Jr. was one of the entries in the Demolition Derby held this weekend.

My daughter, Shana, and son, Joey, Mt.Carmel, were here on Sunday to attend the combined birthdays of Vanessa Garman and Jason Short at the Youth Center. Jason’s was the 27th and Vanessa’s was the 29th.

A birthday party was held at the Youth Center for Jason short and Vanessa Garman. Two birthday cakes were served, a Harley Davison motorcycle for Jason and an EEY Ore for Vanessa. Ice cream was served with the cakes, some of the guests availed themselves of the video games and billiard tables. After the refreshments, gifts and cards were opened by Jason and Vanessa. Those attending the festivities were Vanessa’s. grandparents Judy and Jim Owen, Willard and Beulah Mae Eck, Coletha Bisch,  Vanessa’s mother, Frankie Gill Vanessa’s sisters, Leah, Talon, and RaChelle Garman, Jason’s Mother, Debbie Short, Chris and Jamie short, Susan and Toni Morrrison, Shana and Joey Luecke, Richard Reid, Dakota Mickelly, Carolyn Andrini and daughter, Pam Cardiff.

Joe Maggio, Joey Johnson, Steve Feldman, Robert Norton, Mt.Carmel, Joey Ash, Keensbueg, Amanda Cross, Princeton, attended the Fiddle Contest at the Grayville Theatre on Sunday. They are residents and staff from where I work. I also want to thank Ginger Rudisill for her consideration. Even though they decided to go on Sunday instead of Saturday. It was greatly appreciated.

Leah Garman returned on Sunday from a visit with Crystal and RaChelle Garman in Peoria. Her Dad, Donny picked her and her sister RaChelle up at Tuscola. RaChelle will be staying for a couple of weeks to visit sisters Talon and Vanessa, grandparents, Norman and Coletha Bisch and Randy Mosberger.


3rd;Judy Baker, Marcella Dobbs, Tammy Rahmoeller, Matt Stoll, Tom Cummings.
4th;Karen Rahmoeller, Haley Lynn Link, Denara Hortin.
5th;Richard Klienschmidt.
6th;Talon Garman, Pat Williams, Lauren Hanisch, Payton Howard, Marti Postel.
7th;Zachery Veatch.
8th;Tom Potter, Dana Schroder, Whitney Hawkins.

Astrology for Karen Rahmoeller on August 4th; the stars put you just where you love—center stage. Soak up the warmth of that spotlight and get ready to dazzle the audience with your best display. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything prepared—frankly you’re at your best when you can improvise. It’s not as if you would ever be at a loss to entertain the crowd, especially with that double dose of charisma and glamour you’re packing right now.

Astrology for Dana Schroeder on august8th; every so often, others accused you of making everything all about you, but those finger pointers certainly couldn’t find fault with your current behavior. Right now it’s far more gratifying to spend your time and considerable energy to helping someone out whom desperately needs a hand. It might be tempting to ask yourself exactly what you’re getting out of the deal, but that’s the old you talking. Let your heroic self shine through.

Posted 8/1/05

   I heard Steve Hartsock is a little under the weather .Steve, you don’t have time to be ill, you have a paper to get out and a play to put together. Hurry up and get well. All our thoughts and prayers are with you.

   Jim and Emma Orr and their son, Phillip were in St. Louis on Friday .They attended the Muny theatre and watched “Singing in the Rain”

   One of my residents went to St. Louis on Sunday to see the Cubs Cardinal game. to their surprise, when they got there they found out the game had been delayed to 7P.M.Their tickets said 1:15P.M..The game was delayed because ESPN couldn’t get there till that night. Needless to say, they came back home but he did get to watch the game on TV. I wonder how many people had tickets and showed up at 1 o’clock and if they can get their money back for tickets not used.

   A special birthday wish to Vertis Spencer on July29th.I hope he is feeling better and will enjoy his special day. Just how old are you anyway, Vertis?

  If you want to hear some good music but don’t want to get out in the heat, go to Rick’s Place and hear the Midranger Band. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

 My daughter, Shana and grandson, Joey was here this weekend visiting family and friends and practicing up their pool playing skills at the Youth Center. They both enjoy this mother-son time together. Maybe you should spend a little quality time with your son or daughter there.

   How about this heat this last week? I hope everyone stayed in as much as they could and if they had to be out they took care to drink enough liquids and wear sunscreen. As for me I came down with sinus problems and have had a severe headache for days. Hope the cooler weather comes soon or at least the humidity goes down.

Birthdays July
27th; Jason Short, David Mattox, Katie Iles, Penny Pritchett.
28th; Mayanne Lentz, Emma Orr, Ginny Bohach, Blake Anthony Grimm.
29th; Peyton Oathout, Vertis Spencer, Riley Henson, Vanessa Garman, Dean leavens.
30th; Billy Terrell, Ina Steed, Stan Maurer, Austin warren Rahmoeller, Megan Schoenheit, Jim McFarland.
31st; Richard hall, Gary mason.
August 1st; Marilyn Broster, Matthew Brands, Conner Neeley, Sheri Stockton.
2nd; Ryan S. Merkle, Leland Garner, Campbell Elizabeth Haller, Joyce Thomas.

    Well since I only had one negative response to the astrology items, they will continue to be in my column.

     Astrology for Ginny Bohach on July28th; Home is probably where the heart is tonight, as money and business concerns preoccupy you and a relationship is confusing.

    Astrology for Billy Terrell on July 30th; you’re a social butterfly once again, having fun, enjoying a relationship tonight. The excitement might get out of hand later on, though.

   As I stated before Mercury is retrograde, so look for problems in communications, errors in the newspapers. and such as that.

Posted 7/19/05

This past week I received an e-mail that disturbed me just a little but I considered the source and decided it wasn’t worth the effort to get mad about it. The e-mail read as follows;” Very few people, if any, believe in any kind of astrology. It would be better if you didn’t put these stupid predictions in your news.” I won’t say who sent it suffice to say he sends a lot of letters to the editor. He also stated he had studied astrology and it was bogus.

I do not put the astrology in to tell people how to live their lives. If someone gets a little chuckle out of it then good for them. If no one believes in it, then there are an awful lot of people who must just buy magazines for the fun of it. I know of one president who had his own personal astrologer. So there are people who believe.

I will leave it up to my readers, if you want the astrology taken out of my news, call me or e-mail me or call the Navigator office and tell them. I’m sorry I had to bring this up but as you are the readers it should be your choice. If I don’t hear any thing negative it will stay in. Thanks for your time.

And now for some news:

  Kevin, Pam, Emily, Aryton, and Nigel Owen, Indianapolis, were here over the weekend visiting Kevin’s parents, Jerry and Lena Owen. While here they celebrated Kevin’s birthday. On Sunday they attended church services at the Lamplight Church.

My granddaughter Haley Joe spent a few hours on Saturday and Sunday with Norm and me. She also spent some time with Aunt Terri and Uncle Chuck Garman, Crossville on Sunday.

My oldest grandson, Joey Luecke, Mt.Carmel, spent Saturday night with us; he also spent time with his cousin, Vanessa, at the Teen Center Saturday night.

Several Grayville and Crossville residents attended the Jamboree in the Hills in Ohio over the weekend .This is a yearly event of country music singers.

Please send me some news; I’m sure readers are getting tired of hearing about my family. Let’s hear from some of the Grayville alumni.

July Birthdays:
20th; Brian Alan Raymond, Rick Irvine, Bea Edwards,
         Rayce  Arthur Messman
21st; Jay Walden
22nd; Rose Ella McGarvey,Scott Way, Larry Allen perry.
23rd; Carroll Orr, Olivia Oathout, Madison Couch.
24th; Carol Garbo, Curtis Sweeney, Ralph Elliott.
25th; Bryan Neely, Abby Nolan, Ted Tolen, Carmon Gillard,
         Bret Doan.
26th; RaChelle Garman, Stacey A.Cowles, Kerri Mitchell,
         Melinda Ginther, Nathaniel Noblett

Astrology for Rick Irvine on July20th; Focus on career and getting ahead. There are obstacles to overcome and time is necessary to work things through. A relationship that seems secure could require minor adjustments.

Astrology for Jay Walden on July 21st; the full Moon slows down job progress and focuses on business advancement and relationship commitments. It could be time to think about health practices. Tonight should be satisfying.

Posted 7/12/05

Tracy Bunting drove his mother, Carolyn Bunting, to the Louisville airport to meet his sister, Cheryl Feltner and children Ricky and Skyler of West lake Village, California. On Saturday, July 2nd.The Bunting clan got together on Sunday, July 3rd for a family dinner. Those attending were Carolyn, Cheryl, Ricky and Skyler, Steven Bunting and daughter, Jade, Tracy and Angie Bunting, Son, Dustin wife Sunny and daughters, Lexus and Jailyn. On the 4th of July they journeyed to Holiday world where everyone had a good time. They were joined by Kelly Bunting, Shawna and Amber Amos, and Chase Kramer. Chase and Ricky rode in the front car of the Legend several times, enjoyed the thrill of other rides and Splashing Safari.

      Saturday, my granddaughter, Haley Joe, Carmi came to spend a few hours with me. She is growing so fast.

      My grandson Joey Luecke, Mt.Carmel came and spent the night on Wednesday, then on Thursday, he and his girlfriend, Bobbi came and spent a few hours .He also spent Saturday night with Norm and I.

      A dinner was held after Sunday services at the Lighthouse church to welcome two new members. After dinner youth services were conducted by Dave Cardiff.

July Birthdays;
13th; Jane Hammell, Taylor Milligan, Robbi Bankston,
           Renee’ Howell.
14th; Wesley Harris, Nathan Lazerus, Krista L.Sheriff.
15th; Mary Ann Spencer Legler, Brandon Raymond, Bill Way,  
          Sharon Kay Perry, Jackson J Dunkel, Brock Neeley.
16th; Lana Pierson, Marlene Williams.
18th; Mae Horste, Cecil Salisbury, Russ Bradenkamp,
           Charles R.Hampsten.
19th; Walter A. Woodham, Jed E. Davis, Lloyd Harrison,
          Glayds Barnett, Zeke Elijah Schutz.

       Astrology for Renee’ Howell on July13th; do some shopping early in the day: you might find a special item to make a loved one happy. In fact, luck in a relationship could see you planning a romantic night out on the town.

       Astrology for Russ Bradenkamp on July 18th; Serious ideas are part of the days agenda. People are listening, so speak up. Your personal opinion goes a long way. It’s a great day to start a vacation-or to begin planning a trip somewhere.

       That’s all for this week, feel free to call or e-mail me with your news.

Posted July 5, 2005

   Here is a late birth announcement. Nathan and Sasha Stone have a new baby boy. Liam Eugene Stone was born on June 10,2005.He weighed in at 7 lb. 9 oz. Liam is welcomed by his parents, maternal grandparents, Janet Downs and John Henson, great-grandparents, Mary and Chetty Proctor. Paternal grandparents are Bev and Ed Stone of Griffin, Indiana.

Congratulations to Marcy Tupper and Colby Riggs on their marriage. The couple resides on West Spring Street in Grayville, my next door neighbors.

Tim and Sue Dutko recently returned home from a visit to California. They spent the time with their daughter and grandchildren. Sue, I thought you were going to e-mail me, guess you couldn’t get the computer away from the kids, huh?

A birthday party was hosted by Bob and Barbara Munsey for Bob’s brother, Leon, on Saturday night at the Moose Lodge. Sorry, Norm and I didn’t make it but I’m sure everyone had a wonderful time.

My grandson J.J. spent a few days wearing his dad’s clothes after he got to Florida last Monday. It seems the airline lost his luggage and he didn’t get it back till Thursday. He’s having a good time from what I hear.

Please don’t forget about our Youth Center, it could use a little help from the citizens of Grayville. Jason Short and Vanessa Garman have been donating their time to keep it open, Jim Owen does his share too. If you can’t spare a couple of hours maybe you can spare a couple of dollars.

Don’t forget the all alumni reunion over the Labor Day weekend. If you know someone you think would like to come, let them know about it

July Birthdays;
6th; Amy Barnes, Andrew Garrison, Becky Eyer, Janet Walker, Darcy Sweeney.
7th; Joshua Robert Gray, Mary Lou Smith, Glen Seigle, Alexa Combs.
8th; Dustin Bunting, Jason Beasley.
9th; Ashley Lingafelter.
10th Dena Seigert, Danny Eyer.
11th; David Walker.
12th; Jack Hagadorn, Charles Pritchett, Ronald Cowles, Christen Brines.

Astrology for Mary Lou smith on July 7th; Hard, serious work pays off, and depressed feelings will be banished if you throw yourself into a project. Don’t give in to negative feelings. There’s a nice looking weekend just around the bend.

Astrology for Jack Hagadorn on July 12th; be careful traveling and take extra precautions throughout the day, especially at home, where accidents are possible. Count to ten and take a deep breath if you feel your temper getting out of hand.

A word of warning; Mercury goes retrograde on July 23rd.For those of you unfamiliar with Mercury retrograde, anything dealing with transportation, communication, signing contracts or even making plans during this period can change. Mr. Seil is very familiar with a retrograde Mercury.


Posted June 19th, 2005

 The first part of my news is from last week. I thought I had e-mailed it to the Navigator, but somehow it got lost. I’m sorry for the delay in getting your news in, especially Alberta Smith, who had trouble reaching me to give me hers.

 What a weekend, I spent Friday and Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee, at the CmaFest. Had a great time in spite of the rain. I took Steve Feldman, a resident where I work, and he had a good time. Got to see Billy ray Cyrus, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and others. If you are a country music fan, try to go sometime. It is well worth the money it cost.

Alberta Smith, her sister-in-law, Alberta McKinney, Mt. Erie, Mr and Mrs. Leo Klienschmidt were in Carmi on Saturday and ate at the Chinese restraint in honor of Leo’s and Mrs. McKinney’s birthday. After they went to Alberta Smith’s home for cake and ice cream.

Effie Coley and daughter, Mrs.Jerry McGarvey, left on Monday for a vacation trip to Tennessee and other parts. Effie’s son, Skip Carr will be dog sitting while she is gone. James Lucas, son of Angie Camp Lucas arrived from Las Vegas on Monday to spend time with Sister Avery, grandparents, John and Ruth Camp, Aunt Charlene, and cousin, Alex, and all his friends in Grayville.

My grandson, J.J. is here for a few days so he can see James before he leaves for Florida to stay with his dad until august. I’m going to miss him but my grocery bill will be a little less while he\s gone.

Wilma Thomas is in the Deaconess hospital in Evansville. She would really enjoy hearing from friends. Her room number is 5120.

June Birthdays
th ;Keegan Way, Ingrid Ginther, Tiffany Cowles.
16th;:Karen Aker, Debera Klienschmidt.
18th; Jim Sullivan, Lena Owen, Kelly Broster, Rhonda Webb, Kenley Leavens, Courtney Duvall.
19th; Kalli Klienschmidt, Tammy Reese, Andréa Chard
20th Bill Waggoner, Masor Borowiak, Tad Spruell
21st  David Harris, Jane Klienschmidt, Tony McGarvey, Louise Cullison, Clayton McFarland, Emily Cowling, Byford Wiley.

Astrology for Ingrid Ginther on June15th; don’t make any rash decisions today, especially if money is involved. Relationships are under stress and entertainment or party plans will not work out. The evening hours look brighter.

Astrology for Tad Spruell on June20th; Midday is the best time to do something carefree and frivolous. Tonight however, are wonderful lovers and those who are vacationing. Relationships are key in the events of this day.

Now for this weeks news. And, again, I’m sorry for last week.

Posted June 19th, 2005

Tim and Becky Alcorn spent a few days in Las Vegas on business and pleasure. Hope you had a good time.

Virginia Earl is here for a few days helping her sister, Brenda, Mt.Vernon, who is going thru a serious illiness. She has been staying with her sister and husband, Mary and Kenny Bell. Most of her time has been spent in Mt.Vernon.

Tamara Tharp, Joey Johnson, Steve Feldman, Robert Norton, Joe Maggio, Mt.Carmel, Nic Thompson, Taylorville, and I made a trip to St.Louis on Saturday. We were supposed to go to Purina farms in Gray Summit, Mo. I followed the directions I got from Mapquest and ended up in east St.louis, needless to say we came on home. The guys seemed to enjoy their car ride tho.

My grandson Joey came and spent Saturday night with Norm and I.E. also visited with his cousins, Vanessa, Leah, and Talon Garman.

I hope all the fathers out there had a good Father’s Day.

Birthdays June
; Rene Merkel, Kent Wheeler, Suellen Cowles, Kelsey Bailey, John Eagleson, Eloise Vaupel.
23rd; Donny Garman, June Potter, Ryan McGarvey, Daniel Mattox, Laura Link, Emma White Leehy,
24th; Lindsey Merkle, Caleb Harrington, Joey Grimm.
25th; Hans Lee Schmittler.
26th; Cindy Doty, Pat Lovins.
27th; Bernice naney.
28th; Doris Cox, Jeremy Edwards, Tyler Howell, Tammy Given Schmittler.

Astrology for Rene Merkel on June22nd; Watch your money the first half of the day when the temptation for self-indulgence is strong. Reading and family affairs make tonight fun.

Astrology for Joey Grimm on June24th; you can make work and business strides today, so give it your best shot. Friends are encouraging, and relationships are working out.

Please submit your news to