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By Bob Sandidge


Grayville Scholarship Fund

Grayville High School Alumni:

Since 1987 the Grayville Scholarship Fund has awarded a $2,000.00 scholarship to a worthy Grayville High School graduate. 

The Grayville Scholarship Fund has awarded 14 scholarships totaling $28,000.00.  Each year this scholarship award helps a Grayville High School student fund the next step in their educational journey.  This gift of education has made a big difference in the life of each recipient. 

Candidates for this annual scholarship must rank in the upper one half of their graduating class, submit an application form, and provide written comments on current educational trends along with their future plans. Members of the Grayville Scholarship Fund board select the recipient based upon these criteria. The scholarship award is presented at commencement.

We invite your generous contribution to help us build and extend the reach and work of this fund. This year our goal is  $10,000. Your contribution of $10 to $50 will help us quickly meet this goal. Of course, if you are able to be more generous, we will be able to meet our goal all the sooner. Whatever you can send, your participation and support is very much appreciated.  

Our goal, with your help, is to build a fund that will generate enough interest each year to fund a scholarship without depending on yearly individual contributions.

Please make your check payable to 
Grayville Scholarship Fund and send to:

Grayville Scholarship Fund
% James L. Orr, Treasurer
817 Water Street
Grayville, Illinois 62844-1717

p.s. Our special thanks to all of the individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations who have given so freely over the years to help Grayville High School graduates achieve their educational goals. We hope to add your name to that distinguished list this year.



Scholarship Fund
Board members:

 Barbara Higginson
Carrie Jackobs 
Thomas Kiehl
Robert Mosberger
Patrick Siel
Sharon Walden
Shiela Willett
Troy Hickey
James Orr